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Can someone tell me -

I have fairly good knowledge of optimising web pages however, my question is

Will I gain anything from allowing a Search Engine company to promote my
site from actually doing it myself. ?

Where do they submit the sites too? Is there some kind of portal where they
mass submit to or do they simply submit to individual SE's ??

Thanks in advance!

Re: Submitting to search engines

Craig wrote:
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You need to submit to these engines:

Google ( that will get you AOL, Yahoo and

Inktomi ( ) will get
you into MSN and Hotbot

Teoma ( /) will also get you in AskJeeves

AltaVista ( )

Alltheweb ( ) will also get you in Lycos

Some of these are not free, but doing this is cheaper then going to a submit
service so the choice is yours, both should work as effectively as the

Also remember these directories: Yahoo ( ), Looksmart
( ), and DMOZ
( ).  In those directories you need to submit yourself in
the appropriate categories.
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Re: Submitting to search engines

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If you have a new site, make sure it works properly and then simply submit
the home page to Google manually.  See
Google will then find all the other pages automatically.  Get some other
site to link to your site and this is will work also.  Google will find and
index your site by following the link from the other site and at the same
time you will be credited with some PR and whatever anchor text came with
the link.  So ask friendly sites to help you.

Also submit your site to DMOZ after you have spent several hours/days
thinking about how you will describe your site.  The wording needs to be
really correct as you won't be able to change it ever - as lots of people
will copy the DMOZ text and you will never be able update sites all over the

You are welcome to submit your site manually to other search engines but
many make you pay for inclusion.  I have never done this.   There is no need
to go to sites that say "for 25 we submit your site to 1000's of search
engines".   If you can succeed in Google and DMOZ - on merit - for free, you
are 90% of the way there.

Tell us what your site url is and you may find people here interested in
helping you if your site has good quality content and seems worth

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Submitting to search engines

Thanks for all the feedback - its very much appreciated !

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