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    I have a block of ip addresses on a server. A number of the addresses
are assigned to names, i.e., and then I have a number of ip
addresses that I do not have assigned a name. I have been using the ip
addresses (without names) to "hold" additional content for 1 of the main
sites. I then got the idea a while back that I would like to submit these ip
address such as to search engines to help in my rankings
(additional links) and to have my content show up multiple times on a search
engine result page.
    The problem is I am not seeing any of my ip address web sites listed on
the search engines, so I was wondering if maybe submitting ip addresses does
not work now? I know I have seen search engine results that link back to ip
addresses, and not domain names before.
    It has been about 3 weeks since I first started submitting, and have
only submitted the ip addresses twice so far. I have also gotten relatively
good at getting web pages, with the content that I have, in the top 10
listings, so I believe that it should be there by now.
    Any thoughts I why I do not see them yet?


Re: Submitting ip addresses to search engines

On Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:57:58 GMT, "Scanner2001"

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It's way too soon to be expecting to see pages that you only just
recently submitted.
You may well never see them anyway as the engines will quite probably
simply not bother to index them if they are related IP-wise and they
contain duplicate content. You will not be getting to see the same
content multiple times in the serps. The engines' purpose is to offer
choice, so they aren't going to let you dominate the results.


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