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I have set up web sites for our customers, and I haven't submitted them
to search engines.  The websites are all subdomains - i.e.  There are about 15 of them.  They are all on the
same IP (name based resolving in Apache).  Will it be considered
spamming if I submit all of them at once?  They all have different
content, but along a similar theme.  None are commercial sites.

I don't want my customers penalized even further because of my laziness.


Re: submitting domains

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  First of all I may have stolen the original posters thread... sorry
about that.  I just like to dig deeper at times. anyway..

I've posted my doamin a few times here but at times I fear that
I may begin looking like a spammer so I hesitate... But since
you asked.  My site is
I was in google back in October/November. I'm not sure if I
was dumped due to godaddy, google, or something I did.. or
perhaps all three !!  Talk about digging out of a hole.
I know I'm not optimized very well, and I know I have few
incoming links and what I do have are from places like here
and places like epinions. So for sure I'm weak but to be
totally excluded from google is still a mystery.  What I'm
gathering and based on what I commented about from SEO Dave's
comments is it seems to get indexed quickly you really need
strong external links.  Because if the submission tool at
google is really to give webmasters a warm fuzzy and reduce
eamil to google then how else does google find a site and
in particular in such short period of time.  I have other
domains that I use for playing, etc. that have been spidered
but never submitted but that takes many months not days as
Dave is touting.  So the only other alternative that makes sense,
assuming the submission tool is useless, is to have strong
incoming links.  And in my situation that is virtually impossible.


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