Subdirectory files: direct links or site related links?

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I do have few subdirectories on my site and I would like to run the
same include files (menus, header, footer, etc) from my main site.....
the problem is that links on those menus are site related (ex.
/folder/page.htm) and when placed on new directory act as -
newdirectory/folder/page.htm and there is obviously nothing there....
So what do you thing about the idea of pointing my menu links to directly.... Will that be a
problem with search engines? Any experience with this kind of linking?

Sergio (work in progress).

Re: Subdirectory files: direct links or site related links?

Am I ever grateful that I live in a free country. A place that instills
values regarding human rights and molds me to know the difference between
what is right and what is wrong for me. I realize others may come from a
different world, with different values and different laws. A place where
good guys and bad guys are easily discernable. Debatable laws get clarified
promptly. A place where I don't have to attempt every conceivable gimmick to
make a living and where I don't have to harm anyone to feel good about what
I do.

I admit, I have room to grow when it comes to becoming more eco-friendly,
but I am growing still and ...

Anyway, to the question ...

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<snip>what Sergio said at the end</snip>

From my perspective, your biggest problem will not be with the search
engines finding your links. The links exist quite dominatingly on all the
web pages I visited. In fact, it is a very comprehensive linking structure
that has been weel-conceived, a search engine spider would have to be blind
in order not to see and crawl them easily. I think I have seen this
technique before somewhere ... umm ... where did I see that before ... sh*t,
I can't rememeber.

You may encounter some problems with the search engines. They will be mostly
in the realm of duplicated content within the pages ( repetitive titles,
meta content ... ) and possibly with having irrelevant content that the
search engines may find within your pages. Perhaps you may want to consider
trying to keep the different agendas grouped together more concisely.

It should be no problem getting the Internet visitor to believe that the web
site is about your service to "facilitate international adoptions". If you
want the search engines to believe that the web site is also about,
facilitating international adoptions, then I suggest you rewrite pages like

" h tt p:/ /w w w
com/international-adoption/vietnam/vietnam_adoption_military.asp "

That have <title>s that read :

" Orphans International Adoption | Adoption Russia | Adoption Ukraine |
Adoption Kazakhstan | Adoption
China | Adoption Vietnam | Adoption Kenya | Adoption Honduras. "

and the only unique content on the page being :

Military Branches: People's Army of Vietnam (includes Ground Forces,
People's Navy Command [including Naval Infantry], Air and Air Defense Force,
Coast Guard)

Military Age: 17 years of age (2003 est.)

Military Available: males age 15-49: 22,888,109 (2003 est.)

Military Fit: males age 15-49: 14,366,732 (2003 est.)

Military Annually: males: 871,036 (2003 est.)

Military Dollar: $650 million (FY98)

Military Percent: 2.5% (FY98) "

This web page does not appear to be relevant enough to convince the search
engine to provide additonal weight for your web site for your keyphrases.
Make things fit into the overall picture. Ask yourself, what is this web
site about? Give the visitor and the spider the same stuff.

Web pages like this could invoke incidental hazards for your web site. The
search engines will return results for the content it finds on the web
pages. I think I may know why you would want pages like this to exist and it
is possible that you may not really want these results associated with your
web site. Something to think about.

That's my .02 CAD

Doesn't anybody remember the Fonz ?

Re: Subdirectory files: direct links or site related links?

Well the page that you reffering to is a supplemental information about
the Vietnam Program, however I see what you are talking about.  In
regards to title... its in included file and the same for all the
page... how big that problem is? untill now I had PR 6 on my site (I
started changing structure, adding directories, etc and now my PR is
dancing in Google from 0-6 every minute) and looks like Google liked
what I fed it :)

I still did not get your answer in regards to links in my
subdirectories, are you saying that... you got me lost on this one...
can you clarify...

Thanks for the time spent on my site by the way...

Sergio (work in progress)

Re: Subdirectory files: direct links or site related links?

<snippage has occured>

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Well, I suppose it can be equal to :
1+1+1 ad infinitum = red flag goto spammerooony declaration module

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That's reasonable, I never addressed your question.

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Actually I was thinking of maybe taking a small nap. I was waiting for some
translated text to pop into my email inbox but it's not here yet so that'll
have to wait. I worked 'til 1:30 AM this morning and had to get up a 5:30 AM
( on a Sunday to boot ). I'm getting grumpy. It's probably best to look at
this stuff later after I take a wee snooze.


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