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Nawaz Shahzad

Internet Marketing Resume
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
Phone: +92 (320)5093814


Successful online business requires a mastery of internet marketing,
interactive web site development, and strong relationship building in
between visitor & website.

With 4 years of web marketing & online branding experience, I am able
to help your business achieve its online business goals by increasing
traffic, identifying market niches, and improving sales. To me Internet
Marketing demands not only successful search engine and directory
positioning; it also requires accurate measurement of your web site
traffic, with analysis of that traffic to identify new opportunities.
What I have done in the past 4 years;

As a Senior E-marketing Specialist
2006 - Presently
E-Ingtec. (UAE)

* My job is to reshape the company overall E strategies
* Helping them out to formulate a robust E-CRM platform
* Promote their services through multiple online channels of marketing
* Carrying out their SEO campaigns with a combination of Inorganic
* Restructuring their SEO & E marketers recruiting procedures.
* Focusing on to brand their name
* Helping them out to improvised their CMS solution
* Re engineered their approach towards website audition
* Provide them a solid base of R&D
* Outsourcing and Offshore Best Practices and Strategy
* Development, Design and Delivery in the areas of Marketing
* Developed email marketing campaigns
* Analyzed impact of Internet technologies in Middle East Region
* Prepared and analyzed online tracking reports
* Managed multiple projects aimed at increasing competitive advantage
* Reviewed corporate web page, recommended revisions, and completed all

April 2002 -- 2005
Chilli Zone Ltd. (UK)

Marketing and Internet strategy with focus on effective brand
positioning & intelligent design. Internet marketing demands not only
successful search engine and directory positioning; it also requires
accurate measurement of your web site traffic, with analysis of that
traffic to identify new opportunities.

I have done these under this title;
- Coordinated objectives of senior management.
- Scheduled, interviewed, and supervised employees.
- Created, implemented, and monitored Campaigns   for the clients.
- Created & design campaign formats tailored to   specific client
- Evaluated and monitor global online marketing changes.
- Psycho analysis of product or services & price comparison
- Extensive utilization of SEOs & Other marketing staff Potentialities
- Worked closely with Marketing Director
-  Training of new recruits
- Conduct strategic discussion session with SEOs
- Manage a team of website designers, graphic artists and Internet
- Provide Internet advertising, website promotion, website design, and
  services to companies that are already online or are planning an
online presence.
- Responsible for all phases of online marketing.
- Organized and implemented online marketing Policy & strategy.
- Prepared and analyzed online tracking reports.
- Organize information on the page to maximize clarity for the target
- Assists in layout of Web pages when needed
- Writing copy that is effective and search engine friendly
- Oversee website creation and changes to websites
- Researched, analyzed and monitored market trends and competitive
- Managed multiple projects aimed at increasing competitive advantage
- Increased site traffic & Monitoring ROI
- Online branding of business & online client retention
- Personalization of business with online perspective
- Streamlined user interface design
- Manage Email marketing campaigns

SEO Skills (Organic Marketing)

I routinely achieve top 10 positioning of clients' web sites on leading
search engines and directories through:

- SEO analysis of client=B9s web site
- Search engine optimization strategies
- Analysis of client's top keywords
- Strategic search engine submissions
- Submissions to regional and industry specific directories
- Submission tracking
- Advanced web statistics
- Search engine results tracking
- Strong analytical skills and proficient writing skills
- Monitoring/ Managing  Developers and designers
  to develop Shopping sites
- Analysis of a web site's usage patterns
- Conversions, and the underlying key phrases and engines responsible
- Advertising campaign effectiveness
- web site usage patterns
- polls, quizzes, and surveys
- Optimize listings and increase profitability through new listings,
A/B creative tests, match type,      bidding strategies and other tests
to be determined.
- Keywords: Create and populate accounts on Google, Overture, Enhance,
and other similar PPC   interfaces with previously developed keyword
assets. Manage the launch on Google, including   tracking, analysis KEI
of strategic keywords.
- Creation of compelling descriptions, titles and keywords.
- Develop relationships with search engines and other web sites for new
/ improved placement.
- Maintain the search engine listing database to keep track of existing
listings, expand keyword list,    deletes, etc. across multiple search
- Advanced and current knowledge of online marketing treads, analytics,
and current events,   particularly as they relate to affiliate program
management and keyword marketing

Paid Marketing Campaigns - PPC

- Run tactical campaigns to work alongside SEO as part of an overall
online marketing strategy.
- Use a variety of ROI and bid management tools to ensure that clients
get optimal placement and   to ensure that their bid gaps are as narrow
as possible.
- Conversion Tracking.
- Define specifically which keywords are converting to sales.
- Continuous keyword refinement, ad content and bid updates, monthly
- Geo targeting with Google Ad Words

Other Value Added E-marketing Skills

- Design Blogs & its effective utilization
- Rss Usage & Syndication
- Electronic marketing (Email, newsletters) Design, testing & delivery
of bulk email campaigns
- Run Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
- Creating e-marketing community through Forum & Message Board
- Defining business requirements for Verity search engine configuration
- Contributing to development of website content materials
- Contextual Advertising Content Development
- Created company's brand message
- Designed content based web portal to capture information on targeted
demographic for   company direct marketing campaigns
- Created and implemented linking strategy
- Provided monthly marketing analysis and ROI reports
- Managed marketing budget

Web Analytics

 Based on objectives, research, recommend, and help implement Web and
marketing analytics solution, and integrate into current marketing
efforts. In order to track paths and traffic patterns once a visitor
enters the web site as well as tracking all the various keyword ad
campaigns and other ad campaigns in order to determine ROI on marketing
efforts. Also, work with the developer to extend and tie this tracking
information to the house file customer database. Possible solutions
include Click track, Web Trends Web CEO, etc. Monitor web site
performance and metrics. Act as search marketing expert to the
organization, keeping up-to-date on changes in the marketplace and
products of key search providers. Maintain direct relationship with key
search publishers.

Client's Sites Worked On

Over the past 4 years, I've developed sites for clients in marketing,
news, manufacturing, and consumer industries. I've focused primarily on
web statistics; SEO site analyses; developing client management tools,
Organic Marketing & Paid Marketing.

Cheeky Brats      =BB
Alpha Talk          =BB
Parvez-Video    =BB
UK Advice         =BB
E-logo        =BB /
OSR International     =BB
Brace Bridge    =BB
Lookin4love    =BB
Travel To World    =BB
E-ingtech       =BB

At Chilli  Zone Ltd. I have worked on these online projects by
designing a campaign to SEO strategies and techniques specific to each
site. I performed each client's pre-SEO analysis to map out the
strategy, and then followed up with post-optimization web statistics to
measure the results.

Jan 1997 - Feb 2000
NDC - National Discount Card (Pvt) Ltd

I have done these under this title;

- Launched a discount card
- Identify, develop and manage national sales
- Initiated a marketing/sales strategy for the outsourced services
division of the company resulting in   revenue.
- Developed execution plans for new market opportunities, including
system, operations and   merchant coordination. Resulted in 5000 outlet
accounts with a sum of 15,000 - 20,000 card   members (figures were
of Karachi city only).
- Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote discount
- Effectively leading organization by building and growing strong
market for its Discount Card
- Develop and keep current knowledge of nonprofit market, company's
products and services, and   competitive positioning.
- Generate prospective partners primarily through research, sourcing,
cold calling, and qualifying   inbound inquiries to develop referral
relationships that source sales opportunities passed to Field   and
inside sales force for sales engagement.
- Craft and manage joint business development marketing and outreach
with referral partners.
- Spearhead the development and implementation of a communications plan
for a regional   network

Technical Skills

Operating systems
Windows 95/98/2000/XP
Desk top Publishing & Office Applications
Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
Graphics Applications
Photoshop 7, Microsoft Photo editor
Web Publishing Applications
Notepad, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX,
Macromedia Fireworks, Image Ready

Bachelor of Arts
1992 from University of Karachi

Computer Graphic Designing Advance Diploma
1999 - 2000 from University Of Punjab

References are available upon request

Mar 2006

Nawaz Shahzad
Karachi - Pakistan
+92 (320) 5093814

re: Internet marketing technology / Online Branding position

My name is Nawaz Shahzad, I am working as Senior Emarketing Specialist
& Online Brand Analyst for E-Ingtech. I am interested in working for
you as an SEO and web marketing analyst.

I offer 4 years of online branding and search engine marketing
experience. I also bring with me web development, and project
management skills. In turn, your company offers the management support
structure, with which I can grow my career and SEO R&D.
Four years of web marketing experience, affords me the business
experience to achieve your clients' goals.

To sum it up, I'm a personable, strong strategic thinker with excellent
writing, communication and presentation skills. I put a lot of effort
and energy into my work and take it very seriously. I have a
demonstrable track record of building strong online branding,
increasing website sales flow, and thriving and managing in
professional and friendly environment. I believe in honesty and
character. I'm passionate about the product, the process and mostly
about the consumer. I love The Big Idea: media is too expensive and a
brand is too valuable an asset to waste on work without integrity. And
I still believe that making online advertising is supposed to be fun.
I've included a copy of my resume. I look forward to discussing our
future opportunities.

Nawaz Shahzad
+92 (320) 5093814

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