Strange SERP result on Google

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Our site got majorly downgraded by Google yesterday. I hope this is
just an isolated incident. Just wondering if anyone else out there has
experienced something like this.

If you search "bargaintix" on google (the name of our company), our
site (page rank 5) comes in 10th. A site whose name is mispelled
"" (page rank 2) comes in first.

This makes no sense from a programming perspective, and seem only
logical if there's some sort of human interaction going on here. Any

Re: Strange SERP result on Google

On 17 May 2006 12:08:11 -0700, wrote:

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Your site is not optimised for that word, that is part of the reason.
Your title tag is

<title>Compare and Buy - Student SEO Contest, Dave Matthews Band -
DMB, UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship, Vans Warped Tour</title>

No H* tags on the page.

Those alone would help, as well as IBL's with the keyword in the



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Re: Strange SERP result on Google

Well, that's just an example.  Bargaintix is not even a search word we
want our customers to query for, which is why it's not in the metatags.
 And the misspelled site ( is a bargin anyways?),
doesn't have the word "bargaintix" in its metatags as well.

Our google site traffic has dropped dramatically since yesterday.  We
usually get from 1000 to 1500 hits from google in one day.  Today, we
are not even at 50.  In addition, all our search terms that were top 10
on Google has fell of the top 10 like "wango tango tickets".

If you search for myspace on a search engine, you don't expect to fine
"" #1

Re: Strange SERP result on Google is first for so that's a reason I
suppose. Why any site would want links with that phrase, I don't know

Might enter that student SEO contest.... I assume it's all university
students and not just US based.

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Re: Strange SERP result on Google

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If you got what it takes, bring it.

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