Strange MSN Search listings

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Some listings on MSN Search have just the URL in the title and the same URL
in the description. Although these sites have a rich content indeed, with lots of
text and meta tags etc.

Is that a sign of penalties or what?

My site has unfortunately been a victim of that type of listing which is driving me
crazy. But it's not just my site. I have seen other sites being listed the same way.
I have a good position on Google and other search engines, but for some strange
reason the listing on MSN Search doesn't contain anything else than the URL in
the title and the description.

You can see it here:
(at the top, it's the domain

Is that a bug in their algorithm or a sign of ... what?

How can I ensure that my site is properly listed on MSN Search?

I have read MSN Search's listing advice on their site and followed the rules as
much as I can. It doesn't seem to make any difference.

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