Strange Links To My Site

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I'm asking here because having lurked and participated a bit I know you
people are rather expert in the matter of linking :)

Boredly checking through my site's stats (my site is below in the sig file:
note that it contains adult cartoons) I found a handful of visitors from
some sites I didn't recognise- for instance /
and which seem to be blogs about tax and travel,
although I assume they're some kind of fake blog. Sure enough, a link to my
site is up there on the main menu, fourth item. But as I was writing this I
just revisited the sites and found it's not there. So then I tried visiting
the sites from my site (i.e. my referer is and the
link reappears again. But apparently it only appears if I click the link
from the list of referrers, if I just type into the
address box, it's not there.

But since only I (hopefully!) have access to that page, and there are no
links on my site to these sites, I don't understand what would make it
appear to anyone else, or why it would display this strange behaviour
anyway. Is it some way of tricking google?

I have no idea what this all means. Any ideas?


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