Strabge ranking behaviour

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Hi All

I am a real novice at Google so forgive my ignorance.

I designed a site for a small business, its
not a particularly good site but I am still learning.

Every afternoon, if you enter Secret Wardrobe under it
appears second in the rankings. If you repeat the same search a few
hours later the result is 3rd, a few a hours after that the same search
reveals my site is no longer listed. I am stumped!!!

I have been searching for answers but haven't found any. My apologies
if I am asking a very stupid question.


Re: Strabge ranking behaviour

Lincoln wrote:
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Google has many datacenters all around the world. Your request is picked
up by different ones at different times. Depeding on when each dataceter
was last updated, your site might be anywhere in the rankings. In time
(six months is a good bet on a new dsite), the information will have
propageated and become more evenly disributed through all the
datacenters and you will only see a more uniform set of resuts no matter
what time of day.

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Re: Strabge ranking behaviour

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Google has been particularly strange over the last week or two.  I'm seeing
results go down 60 places one day then back up 60, then down 60, then back
up 60.

The graph of some of my search terms look like a string of "w's" (double

I'm guessing that the datacentre I'm being sent to is being switched to Big
Daddy and back every day.

Re: Strabge ranking behaviour

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By the way, that site is almost entirely in Flash, you would be better off,
changing some of the text into real html like you have on your site where you split the page between flash
on the left and real text on the right

Re: Strabge ranking behaviour

Hi All

Thanks for everyones help I really apprciate the feedback and I guess I
will just have to wait and let the data centres, but it is frustrating.

I have often wondered how google handles flash and looks like the best
thing will be redo some of the page in HTML..

Thanks again!!!

Re: Strabge ranking behaviour

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A little bit of Flash is Ok. Just make sure that the pages have a good
amount of "readable" content too and that if you have Flash navigational
menus that you include keyphrase rich textual links to the other pages
within the web site.

The nicest web sites I come across have a little bit of Flash going on. Just
keep it at a minimum, just enough to give it some edge.


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Re: Strabge ranking behaviour


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single r, not double


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