Stop the "Top 30" battle and use other people's traffic

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Slugging it out with the search engines is difficult, expensive and
frustrating. At best, only 30 positions for any keyword phrase are
worth anything, and most keyword phrases have thousands or tens of
thousands of competitors all seeking the same 30 positions. The odds
against you are formidable.

If you're a small business, hiring one of the top Internet marketing
companies to get you a top position may be a budget buster. Overture
recently announced that their average cost per click was approaching
50 cents. How many small businesses can take the risk that a few
thousand visitors, at 50 cents per click, won't like their Web site
and leave without buying?

Our kinder, gentler approach can help. Use the search engines to find
the top 30 Web sites in allied, but non-competitive categories. We
suggest WordTracker for that. Check all of them and see if any accept
banner ads. If so, place your interactive ad there. If not, carefully
write a very polite letter to the owner of each Web site, explaining
the benefits of exchanging links, and suggest a link trade. If they
agree, place your interactive ad on the other Web site.  The
interactive ads utilize no bandwidth or appreciable space on the host
sites. All activity happens from our servers.

Continue finding other related but non-competitive companies that rank
high in the search engines and attempt to get your interactive ad on
their Web site. The more you place out there, the easier it will be to
get traffic. We call this approach the OPT Method Of Getting Business
(OPT= "Other People's Traffic"). We believe it is ethical because the
host site is not a competitor and no host resources are used at all.
It's nothing more than a "Smart Link" in that respect. Now, you no
longer need to try and direct search engine traffic to your Web site,
your Web functionality is spread across many, many high traffic Web
sites in targeted categories.

Unlike banner ads, the person interacting with the ads never leaves
the Web page they arrived at. All functionality stays right within the

We also offer another simplified marketing approach with "Don't Bring
'Em To Your Web Site, Mail Your Web Site To 'Em". A KOTW-created
interactive ad can be mailed easily. Include a 45 minute video, and
the ad will take no longer to come in than any other email you
receive. The video requires no download and begins playing
immediately. You never leave the email program and you can mail your
entire e-commerce application out to prospects and they can shop your
products right in their mail.

It allows a business to move from passive marketing, which is sitting
around and waiting to be found, to active marketing that announces
your existence and readiness to do business.

This, hopefully, will not become a spammer tool, but one that will
allow expansion on the "For more information about our Blue Widget
products, click here" concept. An entire Blue Widget Web site,
including videos, could be automatically emailed, and the ability to
purchase Blue Widgets right from the ad is there.

The Web site to view for all the information and examples is . Please feel free to e-mail me with any
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