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Adwords are now appearing before the natural rankings.

Is the search engine going backwards in time.

Seems to me that maybe the search engine is moving towards being
excessively greedy again and nonchalantly helpful to its "network"
players; that would be a tad ironic for a corporate whose corporate
motto is still to "Do no evil".



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Re: Sponsored Listings Google

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Where have you been?


It has been like that for while. The color they are using there is a cream
now, a couple of years ago it was either pink or blue.

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Re: Sponsored Listings Google

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I don't know what everyone else is seeing, but I'm using an IBM A21p
Thinkpad at 1280x1024.  Maybe the display is not optimal and also
maybe my ancient eyesight ain't that good either, but I find the
background colour that Google uses behind the sponsored links almost

I think it's a bit hypcritical of Google to penalize webmasters who
use feint text against similar backgrounds when they do it themslves.

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