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Re: Spmming blogs - how to? - WHat is really happening.

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Google is "filtering" certain guestbook's and blogs at the moment.

The way they are currently doing it is to reduce the PR that the page has.
This in turn affects all pages that this particular page links to.
I have several examples of guestbook's that were at least PR 4 prior to
Austin and are now PR0.

This particular one was PR6 a month ago;

This one was PR 5;

Secondarily, Google has begun a filtering system that allows for a page to
have high page rank but not pass any of it on.
I have a specific example of a page that was a PR9 and was passing PR on
beautifully until Florida ... actually about a week afterwards.
They now pass on no PR to any of the associated links even though they are
still a PR9.

Google has begun to address the problem of guestbook spam etc and will
further their cause as time permits.
They have postponed their IPO and this will buy them a bit more time to
correct the issues that have been brought B4 their Board as "consumer
complaints", of sufficient weight to cause an issue with the potential
investors.  With MS breathign down their necks, the days of easy SERPS are
gone.  There will still be holdouts but I believe it safe to assume, based
on fact, that Google is moving towards a lower-spam process.

James Taylor

Re: Spmming blogs - how to? - WHat is really happening.

James wrote:
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I've been posting to a lot of the sam eplaces for the past year now and
noticed some went up in pr and others went down which is a usual and
normal thing that occurs with pr of sites. I haven't noticed that they
are all going down nor are they all going down. Over all they're about
the same in pr as they were a year ago and I have lists I keeps of
hundreds of places I post to.
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You're talking your personal theories as if they are fact and as if you
know someone personally who works at google and told you this. Of course
none of it is true, it's only what you wish would happen. My best guess
is it's not thics here as you say but laziness on your part and others
who feel like you. It takes a lot of work to post to sites and even more
work to find them in the first place. rather than work hard you'd rather
just pay someone who already has that you can have links put there for
your sites. I have no problem with anyone doing that and wish I could
afford to do that but don't get down on the people who aren't lazy like
you and who can't afford to pay for links. I can almost guarantee you if
I looked deep enough into the link sites you pay for I'd find guestbook,
blogs, memberlists posts at their source and that's how they get their
pr like everybody else only it's transfered from site to site to site to
hide it.
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Re: Spmming blogs - how to?

SEO Dave wrote:
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You're dam right you better hope it never happens because if it does I
know of one seo from the uk who will never have a site listed at google
ever again.

Re: Spmming blogs - how to?

DDJEM wrote:
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Totally absurd to think google would care about it. It's not their job
to deal with spam from other sites.

Re: Spmming blogs - how to?

[big snip]

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The Received Wisdom has always been that inbound links can't hurt you, but
things *might* have
changed a bit: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum3/21203.htm

Whenever Google adjusts its algo to catch S(p)am, a lot of innocent sites
become victims as well. So if your site was innocently punished by Florida,
Austin et al - send a warm thought to Sam.

/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: Spmming blogs - how to?


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Geez! Sam, you musn't be doing any SEO work today...
with all this typing, you just can't have the time.

Oh! before I forget, I don't recall you being voted as "Judge & Jury"
in this newsgroup. Instead of being cynical, offensive and obstructive
why don't you tell us your methods/techniques because you've certainly
milked the best of the brains here, come on!
we're all sitting comfortably... you can begin!


Re: Spmming blogs - how to?

Tin wrote:
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 Actually you are right I haven't had any time to do posting tonight and
have spent too much time here. Partly because I hate posting more than
anything and would give anything for one pr10 backlink where I'm the
only link on the site. SEO Heaven. Posting and making new internal pages
are two I really hate but at least making pages you do your 50 to 100
and it's done forever whereas posting is endless drugery.

If you want to read about my techniques then check out the post I just
did for Victoria (seo ethics thread).

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