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Hey Guys,

I read the thread about the guy having the discussion group that was not
spiderable.  My discussion group also is not spiderable.  

 However once converted I will have over 22,000 posts all that have at least
one keyword or keyword phrase in it.  Now my question is this.  If I took the
time to make each one of these keyword phrases anchored text with a hyper link
to my pages that have to do with each keyword.

That would then create over 20,000 back links to my new website that is also
devoted to hair loss and hair restoration.

Would this work?  Or am I grasping at straws?

Thanks all

Re: Spiderable Discussion Groups

As a fellow member of 'follicly challenged society' I think this would
work - but all the effort might just make you pull your hair out!!

Good luck.

Vance - Bristol

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Re: Spiderable Discussion Groups

Vancer wrote:

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A good example of why top-posting just isn't practical

Re: Spiderable Discussion Groups

On 14 Nov 2003 14:29:36 GMT, whyismyhairgone@aol.com (Whyismyhairgone)

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You'd have 22,000 plus links pointing to your main page using the
keywords as anchor text. If you didn't get in the top 10 with that and
improve all your SERPs overall I'd be very, very surprised.

If you do this right you won't just boost your main pages ranking, but
receive many more visitors to the forum as well, so be ready for the
extra bandwidth usage and be prepared to pay for it. Ideal for adding
Google ads to all your forum pages as well and make some cash from

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It should work as this is basically how Google is ranking sites.

I'd recommend linking to a small group of pages (say 10 pages) rather
than just one each with specific anchor text, this will benefit your
main pages far more that just one link to say the home page. It will
also conserve more PR as you'll be losing a fair amount of PR to your
forum uses sigs etc...

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