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i want to attract visitors to my site in certain european countries -
latvia, lithuania, romania, bulgaria, belgium, holland, uk.

now, the question i'd like answered is whether a .com or a .net domain is
going to have a negative effect on people searching in these countries.

the alternative is to buy up all the local domains, have several mirror
sites that all need hosting plans and spend a lot of money.

can anyone help?

yours, neil

Neil Train
Director, PPI
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Re: specific country listings

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AFAIK all you need to do is get local hosting. The domain ending doesn't
matter at all.... for google at least.

take with pinch of sale because I'm newbie

Re: specific country listings

Brothermark wrote:
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with Google you'll get good results simply by setting up
pages for each country with the country name prominent on
the page...though you'll do slightly better with
translations or with a local domain

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Re: specific country listings


I have had the same problem on two occasions.

First I did a web site web site related to certain specific west african
countries.  The best I could do was to make sure the country names were
actually on the pages
( see ).  Having the site in the UK does not seem a
problem and my client gets plenty of hits from all the target countries and
several customer enquiries every day. Having no url is also not a problem.

The second was a specific web page on my own site which I wanted people from
all over the world to find.  This is proving difficult as it seems
ridiculous to have to put the names of all countries in the world on the one
page. So I put just some of them and vary them a bit every few months to
give each a chance.
( see http://www.satsig.net/ivsat.htm )  This page works reasonably well but
I am disappointed with the traffic.  I just can't get into the top 10 for
the keywords "satellite internet".  Maybe I just need more page rank.

So my first suggestion to you is to insert the all the words latvia,
lithuania, romania, bulgaria, belgium, holland, uk on the relevent pages.
Also make sure you use the local language spellings of the country names as
well.  Some local language text will also help, particularly for the search
phrases you expect to be used within each country.

Having a web site with an IP address obviously located in that country may
help as I suspect that Google does select country specific web sites using
blocks of IP addresses.

Also some generic name url like .net or .org is better than a .uk (for
example) url name.

Regarding your web site, the front page includes an image containing three
lines of giant words "We are ... development" Using an image is really
really bad. You should use large real text instead, with <h1> etc style, for
your heading.

I have given you a PR=6 link to help you get going  (from
http://www.satsig.net/sslist.htm ).   I have used the link text "Managment
training courses"   Thinking about this makes me ask why you do not include
the word "courses" on your page.  It may not be trendy management jargon but
it is what your real customers will type in.  I recommend that you count the
words carefully and make sure that the words "management, training, course,
courses" all appear 4-6 times in the text and once each in the title and

Best regards, Eric.

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Re: specific country listings

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:52:25 +0100, "Eric Johnston"

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There is a lot you can do to improve the page above, you don't appear
to of used and <h*> tags which boost ranking and you could strip out a
few filler words from your title to make it have more relevance for
that search term (unless they are something you are targeting). You
could also use an external css file to replace all the font tags in
the body text reducing the amount of code.

Do all the pages on your site link to that page with the anchor text
satellite internet? If not they should.

Looking at the top few positions for that search none of them are
optimized, so looks like a combination of PR (PR6, PR6 and PR5 for the
top 3 positions) and incoming anchor text got them where they are.

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Adding the countries above is only useful if people actually search
for the country. Taking your "satellite internet" as an example,
looking at Overtures search tool-

http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion /

347  satellite internet canada
148  europe internet satellite
66  canadian internet satellite
60  africa internet satellite
 60  canada in internet satellite
53  internet satellite uk
48  internet ireland satellite
46  africa internet modem satellite
 46  connection internet satellite uk
and some others

You then have to decided is it worth going after these terms? Based on
the numbers you'll be lucky to get a few visitors a day for each term
if you were number 1 for them all.

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In only helps when using the country version of Google (i.e
google.co.uk) and clicking the search only in that locality. Since
searching only in the country isn't the default setting and even when
you do a specific country search it reverts back to the default
(search the globe), so if you forget to click it each search you
search the world next search! I doubt it's worth the trouble of
getting hosting in each country you wish to rank well in.

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Good advice, you should use it yourself :-))

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If your giving PR6 links away I'll take three :-)

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