Spam or not?

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Client wants a very sparse front page and also wants to be found in the SEs
(I know I know!)

I've layered some text making it invisible ( - question is
this considered bad practice or accetable as it's on subject?

All opinions most welcome!!



Re: Spam or not?

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It's bad to have hidden text. It is against the search engine

He may be okay with it for a while, but once he becomes a competitor
instead of a nobody, then it could cause problems as no doubt one of
his competitors will complain.


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Re: Spam or not?

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Satisfying the client is essential. It's can be a fine balance doing that
while pleasing the SE spider and the Internet visitor. Of course, the safest
way to go in SEO is to provide all with the the same visible content.
Ideally the client is happy, the visitor digs into the site deeper and the
SE ranks the content highly.

In your case, this is indeed a spam technique. Your real problem from an SEO
perspective is that it is an outdated spam technique. Advanced crawlers will
detect that what they discover from their "snapshot" and they find in the
content are not balanced. But in the end, it usually isn't so much what the
search engines discover on their own, it is your keyphrase competitors
reporting the technique to the spam abuse editors of the SE's.

Their always are solutions to web site promotion situations like this one
you are in, whereas what you see is what you get, and what the SE finds is
enough to attain and sustain top positions. Remember too, much can be done
externally to boost rankings and also, advance crawlers can reward the cover
page from what they find in the sub-levels of the site. In your case, I
would remove what is to be considered as "hidden content" and place my focus
on making the cover page important from the web site's sub-levels pages and
from outside the web site.

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Re: Spam or not?

Buzby arranged shapes to form:

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I know you know, but do they know that you know? Tell them.

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Your client is an idiot!  Ask him to go to google and search for anything
he likes - there won't be a single result with just 4 links and a logo.
Hmm, maybe there's a reason for that...

...maybe people aren't psychic and can't work out what a website is about
without a bit of an introduction.

Also you might want to consider putting
<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">
in the high-contrast/text only pages, otherwise your visitors are going to
think your website looks like Teletext!



Davémon /

Re: Spam or not?

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Avoid hidden text, where the text colour is similar to the background.

Remember that search engines are trying to identify specific pages (not web
sites) that satisfy the searcher's needs.   My experience with
low-information pages is that visitors and search engines are not that
interested - searchers want instant satisfaction / full answer / explanation
to their search query.   So, for search engine optimisation concentrate on
having pages which each provide something specific, useful and interesting
and aim to have all search visitors to go direct to those pages only.   When
you publish information web pages think of it a simply contributing a few
new pages to a giant library.   A home page with a list of links is just a
technicality to help get the new pages indexed.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Spam or not?

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Um. Intent to deceive is what gets you into trouble. Anyway there's no
need for the front page to be the one that's found by the engines. You
can just do that page how the client wants and make an internal page
or two the one for the engines.

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Re: Spam or not?

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I don't understand why your asking that question in here, if you know about
search engines then the question is just wasted time. Perhaps you don't know
it and you are your client ;-) and you want to know more about this matter -
just kidding....

Really short answer - don't do it.

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