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Re: Spaces in file names?

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Should have read the whole thread before sending the last one, PHP
code not much use to you then :-)

Meta Tags, why bother

Re: Spaces in file names?

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Thanks Dave,
will still be useful, as I intend using the same database
on different sites too.
Can you use what you explained just for changing the entries
in URL's and file names though?
The reason being, I use the same data source to create the anchor
text too.


<a href=" ?<%=
"strCompanyName=" & rs1.Fields.Item("strCompanyName").Value

If the entry in strCompanyName has spaces and punctuation
I want it removed or replaced with hyphens from the file name,
but not from the anchor text.
business-listings.asp?strCompanyName=Company-Name">Company Name</a>

with both versions of company name (company-name) pulled from the same

(hope that makes sense)


Re: Spaces in file names?

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Good idea, multiple sites from one database.

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I'm not good enough at PHP to explain it well (still lots to learn) so
this might not be right.

When you pull something from the database you'll give it a specific
name like $filename so I think the easiest way of doing this is create
two unique variables one for filename ($filename) the other for anchor
text ($anchor) and use the replace function only on one of them.

I think a way to do this is take your current variable and use it as a
starting point.

So if your current variable is called $anchor you'd do something like-

$anchor = $filename;
$filename = str_replace(' ','-',$filename);

That would give you a new variable called $filename that uses the same
data as $anchor, but it converts spaces to hyphens (you can remove
other punctuation the same way).

Then you'd use $filename for wherever you used to use $anchor for the

That's the sort of code I tend to use anyway. You can see it in action
here the
filenames are derived from the article titles.

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It makes sense, but not had to do it within ASP yet, I'd assume it's

I think an easier solution is to use the Server.URLEncode function,
something like this (not sure if it's the right format though)-

href=" ?<%=
"strCompanyName=" &

Or maybe-

<a href="<%=
Server.URLEncode(" ?<%=
"strCompanyName=" & rs1.Fields.Item("strCompanyName").Value
%>) %>"><%=(rs1.Fields.Item("strCompanyName").Value)%></a>

I think that replaces the spaces with a +

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