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This one is weird!

I made a search for the two words "sought" and "for".

Predictably, I got the following warning:
 "for" is a very common word and was not included in your search.
but in spite of this warning, Google finds pages with "sought for" and
highlights both words in the SERP!

If I alter my search to "sought in" or "sought the" or whatever. Google finds
the same pages - and *still* highlights the words "sought" and "for".

So I abandoned Internet Explorer and started up FireFox, where I made a search
for "sought the". This time I was told that "the" is a very common word - but
Google highlighted both "sought" and "the" in the SERP. If I search for "sought
for" or "sought in", Google (on my FireFox) will still highlight the words
"sought" and "the".

At that point I started up NetScape and searched for "look for"
Again "for" is a very common word, but both "look" and "for" are highlighted. I
then tried to search for "look at". This SERP is *not* identical to the "look
for" SERP, but this time the words "a", "at" and "in" are highlighted!


/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: Sought for

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:54:48 +0200, "Martin Hagstrøm"

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It is weird. I tried the combinations just using Opera and got similar
results, starting with Look For, Look At etc. and only 'look' and
'for' being highlighted.

Then I went to, UK pages, started with Look In, then Look
At, Look Of, Look For, and only 'Look' and 'In' ever highlighted.

Then back to and searched for just Look For again. This
time in this first page of one serp all the words 'a', 'at', 'by' were
highlighted, but not 'for'!

I also noticed that the Adwords shown changed with the term, when the
serp itself didn't.


Re: Sought for

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So I'm not going mad?  Thank you, thank you  :-)

And it's only for very few words, like search, look, browse and their
inflections :-o

/Martin Hagstrøm

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