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To the ng I apologize about my earlier out burst here and quarrel with
seo Dave. It's a private thing and should be kept that way and will be
from now on. I won't waste your time with all that petty nonsense any
longer and will just post normal positive posts that add something to
the group. Unless of course dave starts something, just kidding...

ps-Let him tell the whole world about how I do it I don't care as I'll
keep finding newer and better ways to stay ahead of the game.

Re: Real-Life SEO (was Re: Sorry About Post)

Agreed James, well said. I too have learned something from both. Sam
even took the time to email me some advise which I appreciated very
much. With that said, the reader does bear some responsibiliy in
determining what is legit and what is not. Personally I want Sam and
Dave to stay on without the bickering.

Sam and Dave if you are reading this may I recommend that

(1) You two never, never, never address each other. As tough as it may
be, it will eventually kill the ill fated argument between you two.

(2) David, people were not upset at your advise, but the arguing. In
my mind, you were as much at fault as Sam. However, if you decide to
leave the NG it is your choice.

That's site went from 220 to 14 and this morning it was
#7. Why...thank you Sam....thank you David.

david (the non-arguing one) :).

Re: Real-Life SEO (was Re: Sorry About Post)

"" wrote:
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I agree with everything you said.

I considered Dave the most generous SEO professional here. Sam
has not been to my taste (too aggro), and his attacks on Dave
caused me to turn away from his advice early on. I do see,
though, that he rose to the top of the SERPs competition -- but
he did it by a technique -- spamming blogs -- that is counter to
everything i would wish to see in an SEO professional.

Yes, i learned something from that -- but it was only that the
google folks are not as clever as i thought they were. They
should be able to filter that technique out easily by indexing
blog pages but refusing to "count" referring links from pages
generated with common blog software. I mean, DUH.

So Sam taught me that google can be cheated ... and, in the
process, that Sam is a cheater.

As for Dave, i give him credit where credit WAS due --- his tips
got me from #11 to #7 and then to #3 for one of my keywords. But
now he says his sites are "banned" -- so i have to wonder, will
mine be "banned" as well because i followed his advice? Why were
his sites "banned"? Do you know? Until i find that out -- and
find out why he keeps changing his screen name -- i won't be too
trusting of him.

Perhaps this will all blow over. I sure hope so. I would like to
think that the spirit of sharing and inventiveness will rise to
the top once again.


cat yronwode

Re: Real-Life SEO (was Re: Sorry About Post)

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Hi Cat,

You are very perceptive.

The techniques that Sam used to get to the top of the SERPS competition
involved placing keyword laden text links at Memberlists, Guestbooks and
Blogs very quickly.  This technique has soured many folks because it
eventually leads to the closing down of those resources due to abuse.

Having said that, if you want to get to the top for the SERPS competition
fast, that was the best way to do it....lesson learned.

Dave is a solid SEO and is becoming quite "seasoned".  He uses more of a
scientific method than most of us and can base his techniques on actual
statistical proof .  That is VERY valuable to someone like me in this
industry, because I do the same (but not enough of the time) and I am always
looking for something new to give me the "edge" I need to get my clients to
the #1 position.

Due to good solid SEO practices, all of our sites except for one have risen
through these past few changes at Google.  Almost every site I SEO for is in
the top 3.
One of my main customers dropped however from #2 to oblivion during Austin.
It was not as well SEO'd as the newer sites and Sam and Dave both brought
issues that I had missed, to my attention.  As of this morning, this site is
back to #5 so I KNOW both of these guys are knowledgeable.

I use stuff that both of these guys have shared with me and I am doing very
well for my SERPS.  I have done well listening to this NG over the past 7
years and will continue to hang out.

I, like you, would love to see Sam and Dave work more in unison and let
bygones be bygones at this point.  Stuff was hurled from both sides but I
would hope that it is all over now.  I don't really care who was at fault, I
only care about getting back to dI would liek both of those
guys helping out.

To Sam's credit, he has posted some very reasonable posts during the past
few days and I have not seen him flare up , even when some in this group
have borderline attacked him (not saying good or bad, just observing).  I am
impressed with his change in posting style and welcome it.

I agree with you, let's all move on and let's get our sites back to the

James Taylor

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