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My site attracts a lot of visitors, due to having a lot of free
content. I also sell things via the site.

I just did some stats (unusual for me as math is not my native
language) and i found the following true of my site:

The average sales ticket for an internet buyer at my site is $60.00
per order -- and this has remained remarkably stable for the past 4
years, when i started looking at this stat.

At the present time the site generates one average ($60.00) sale per
1425 site-viewers. Again, please note that the site is content-rich
and offers free reading in addition to sales pages, so there are
(intentionally) as many "readers" as "buyers" viewing the site.

At the present time there is a sales return of $.045 per visitor --
up from $.040 last year and $.020 back in 1998, when i first started
looking at this stat. As the content-style of the site has not
changed greatly otherwise, this steady growth in sales-per-visitor
is probably due to three factors other than content, two of which
are specific to my site and one that is general to all internet sales:
     continual product line expansion
     regular addition of more photos of the products for sale
     increased buyer familiarity with internet shopping

I thought this information might be of interest to some folks. It is
freely shared with no expectation of comment or comparison, although
i would invite both.


cat yronwode

    Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

Re: Some stats: incomefor visitor

catherine yronwode wrote:
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Well it makes me more confident with my own endervours. Im quite happy
today as I am on postion 11 in Yahoo and 24 in msn for a key prase I
chose or my web site 'cheap electric guitars' (980 in google lol but
hvant even started link building)

Thanks for sharing Cat help me to know how to quantify my site. Also I
have been pleasantly suprsed with the fact that even from the 'very
start' I am getting sales :) - 6 so far :)


James Helliwell
Firespin Design

Re: Some stats: incomefor visitor

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005 18:15:11 +0000 (UTC), James Helliwell

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That is very very good James - what did you sell? If you got a minute
to share...

           Elvis does my SEO

Re: Some stats: incomefor visitor

James Helliwell wrote:

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James, have you looked at a book called "Call to Action", it may be
worth you getting it.

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