some questions regarding keywords and links

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Hello all web-marketters:

A have a few questions:

How do i know the best keywords for my site if the site is not in
english language?
After knowing the best keywords, how do i optimize the site pages? Is
there a right procedure?

Am i right thinking that in order to rank first than my competitors i
will have to have a bigger number of those keywords in my site?

How do i insert the keyword more often if the content i need is already
there? Should i just get more content from news, rss feeds etc?
Does it matter in what page do i display that content? I mean, by
having a lot of rss feed and news page with the keyword, will i risk
having those content pages better ranked than my homepage?

After changes in the site, how long does it take to see results in
major SE? google, yahoo and msn.

Regarding links:

Is it good or not to submit my url to hundreds of thousand of search
engines and directories automatically? I ask this because i saw a site
that does that for 600.000 and only charge 49 USD.
But i have heard that automatic submissions might damage my ranking in

Also, if i submit my site to those thousands of sites, is there any
interest in submitting it again again every 2 months or so?

I presume the good thing about submiting to all those sites is having
more back-links right?
Should i then insert a link in my site to those sites? Reciprocal links
worth more?

Thank you

Re: some questions regarding keywords and links

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Good questions. I'll try to tackle a couple of them.

First of all, build for the visitor, not for the search engine. Trying to
please the search engine explicitly is a ticket to SERP infinity.

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No. You can have a page full of keyphrases which may not rank well at all or
you have a page with no keyphrases that will rank extremely well. This has
much to do with developing a natural balance. Sure, get the keyphrases in
the content a couple of times but also get them pointing to the content from
external sources such as anchor text links. Get keyphrases in the naming
conventions of web pages and images. Get the keyphrases in alt attributes of
relevant images ....

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You shouldn't. Build for the visitor, not the search engine.

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Will this be of value to the visitor?

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Getting the sub-level pages to rank highly is usually an advantage for the
homepage's .

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How old is the site? If new, then it could take Google months. MSN is almost
instantaneously. Yahoo, well, Yahoo tends to be less predictable but usually
does a major refresh every two months or so.

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Anything automated should be avoided. To the best of your ability, keep
control on who and how links points to your web site.

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amazing imitations of other species."

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