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i am the webmaster of a large portal.
i am currently an affiliate for googles ad sense.
though i make a lot of money from this i am sure google makes much
i want to implement my own software for implementing context sensitive
text based advertising on my site.
can anybody tell me which are the good solutions to do this.
thanks in advance

Re: solution for targeted advertising

vidyesh wrote:
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Use Google...the economies of scale are such that you'll either end up
with worse software than they have, or waste months of your time for
little reward. What they had was a massive presence they could use to roll
out Adsense fast enough to get it profitable rapidly, and enough money in
the bank to spend plenty on development.

I'm not saying you can't do it, just that you need a massive range of ads
to make it work well, and that also means having a wide range of pages to
place the ads appropriately. I'd suggest your efforts would be better
spent seeking site sponsorship or page sponsorship from companies willing
to make a long term commitment to a page. That's something where the
really large company doesn't have an advantage.

"live fast, die only if strictly necessary"

Re: solution for targeted advertising

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That would be a foolish move to me. As an AdWords advertiser I would be
extremely skeptical of paying ANY money, even 10 times less than I'm paying
Google to someone I don't know (meaning don't trust). Before AdWords was
introduced, Google spent years not only building traffic, but also trust.
You as a start-up will not have any of that. By the time you catch up with
Google in this sense you'll loose so much AdSense revenue that  it would
most likely be a financial disaster.
Oh, yes, also consider billing hassles, non-paying customers, rejected and
fraudulent credit card payments and all that good stuff that also comes
along with the sales.

Just my 2c, if you still want to go ahead, I wish you best of luck!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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