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Has anyone got much to say about available software to aid in SEO?
I've come to realise that keeping track of Keywords, Ranking, etc on
different Search Engines is becoming a full time job.
Combine that with Learning JavaScript, CGI, ASP, and general SEO is, well, a
little overwhelming.
Who needs sleep?  Damn.  I Do! (eventually)
Add a business to run, and you have my life at the moment!
But I'm a stubborn bugger, and I want to do the SEO myself!
I've been looking at some of the software available to advise and track
keywords, competitors, etc... and have come up with one that seems good.
Have purchased some lemons in my time, so I'm a little more cautious now.
Does anyone have anything to say about Web Promoter Gold 2.1?
Anything to say about it either Pos or Neg?

Reviews seem to cast it in a good light, but mostly affiliates reviewing it.

Any others that are werth looking at?


Re: Software to help with SEO

I do not believe that there is anything that is worth buying.


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