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Has anyone had any problems getting sites fully indexed? I have one that
the first 2 pages got indexed almost immediately - and are being crawled
and cached every couple of days but won't crawl the rest of the site...

Anyone (apart from seo-dave, who I know hasn't struggled to get about a
million pages indexed :)) noticed this?

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Re: slow getting site indexed

Jez wrote:
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It may just be a matter of waiting several more weeks or a few months, but

I would remove the air-buttons in front of all the links so that only the
visible anchor text is read.  It is complicated to try and have an image and
its alt text and visible real text inside each link and since anything
complicated is to be avoided when it comes to making a site understandabe to
search engines, this is best avoided.  The repeated use of "Air Charter" as
alt text to a tiny dot is an obvious spam trigger and must be removed.

Overall, the page uses 'air' and 'charter' too many times.  It would do no
harm to reduce the percentages from 22/23% to 11/12% at which level they
would still exceed the next most frequent word by a factor of 2.

The hidden page hit counter is a dangerous feature.   I would remove and
rely on the server logs, but if you want to keep it at least switch it to
visible so you don't get banned for putting a hidden link to
You can turn it to visible by setting var sc_invisible=0;  I have
investigated eight other sites that use this hit counter and the sites that
have the hit counter visible also have visible PR and the ones with
invisible hit counters have zero PR. Eight is small sample so this may not
be a sure rule, but having hidden links definitely breaks the rule that your
site should look the same to a search engine as it does to a human visitor.

Best regards, Eric.

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