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Suddenly this idea came up in my mind.
With lots of healthcare products being sold out everywhere in the
internet, the G-crawler must have taken few doses ( overdoses!) and
getting slim.
Or, may be, Google has finally decided to become slim and trim and come
out with a rather fancy outfit with barely one thousand sites (most
valued and ornamental ones having historic presence) listed against
each keyword or may be even less.
This is not the philosophical Google, we would know, who would have
been keen to acquire knowledge.
If things go like that, even a human edited directory will show more
results than "G"  by the end of this year ( just an exaggeration, pl.
However, for all members of the Google fan club, you are going to get a
rather slim, trim and beautiful Google shortly.Cheers.
Sorry for expressing this otherwise bogus thought in a serious blog
like this one.

Re: Slim Google

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i doubt google will 'go slim'. in the future, as now, very few google users will
click past page
40 of results :-)
and not many will click through 10 pages.

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they'll just dump it into more storage space, i'd expect

Re: Slim Google

On Sat, 20 May 2006 23:20:54 +0000 (UTC), ""

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From the amount of google alerts that I receive, it looks like google
prefers scraper sites.

Stuff it if your site is made for users, thats not what google wants



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