-sj Database Out at Google?

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For some reason the -sj and -sj2 databeses are out at google for the
past couple of days. Anybody have any info about this? I also found
another database -gv which now makes 11 databases that I know of if you
don't count the 2 versions.

Re: -sj Database Out at Google?

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This has been mentioned and noted on several forums - no one seems to
know why or what is going on.


Re: -sj Database Out at Google?

Craig wrote:
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This is just a theory and a hope but maybe they've decided to stop
allowing internal links to be counted like back links. And maybe the -sj
database was the one that had something to do with internal links of
sites. So maybe after the coming google dance we'll stop seeing url's
like this:
http://www.I-Have-A-Url/www.I-Have-A-Url/Mine/7854.html and
descriptions like this:
mine, url, I have, peter comes, google, makes no sense, who cares,
garbage, mpeg, adult, sex, women,
fast cars, prescription drugs, usmail, really crazy, spam is hot, dmoz
editor, odp, money, business

Don't know about you but I am so sick of seeing hundreds of urls like
that every where I go in google.
It's becoming an obsolete search engine from the 'viewers' point of view
and only serves the business
point of view. But if the viewer gets bored and stops using google all
together than business won't
be very good will it? JMHO.

Re: -sj Database Out at Google?

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Tell you what 'worries' me is when I see a domain relatively high in
the SERPs for a competitive search that is new with no content (not
even an index page on the server) and all it's backlinks are similar
domains (obviously owned by the same person(s)) and blogs.

When you check the blog posts is over the top comment spam, with a
dozen links per post. No subtlety at all.

It's clear someone has signed up a bunch of domains, and posted tons
of blog spam then built content for the domains that do well.

To see a couple of such domains do a search for Lingerie and look at
entries 14 and 15. Another is Sex Toys listing number 2.

It does confirm that Google currently basis it's SERPs heavily on PR
and anchor text (which is good to know). But also shows how easy it is
to manipulate the SERPs if you are prepared to comment spam blogs

I'm more than prepared to bend (OK break :-) the rules to get a good
ranking, but hate having to stoop so low to compete with techniques
like these. Although I've posted my links to guestbooks in the past
(mostly near the beginning of my SEO learning curve) I was very happy
to see Google remove Guestbooks as a way to improve SERPs.

I look at it this way, the harder it is to get a top 5 for a SERP the
harder it will be to loose it when eventually I get it. So I'd rather
work harder/longer to get a good SERP then be able to relax (to a
degree) than see the SERPs fluctuate wildly as more and more spammers
get in on the act and have to constantly come up with new ways to beat
the algo.

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