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Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, and if so, if they
know how to fix it.
I've been trying to sign up for SiteSearch so I can place a
customizable search facility on my website.  When I enter the domain
name it says: There are no pages in our index for ""*
  * We cannot perform SiteSearch on this domain(s).
    Please remove/change the domain(s)entered, or select WebSearch
only, by leaving the domain(s) field blank.

I know for a fact that even if you type in 'SQW' into googles search,
our company comes up the top listing.  So this says to me we must be
in the index.  I've tried two other varieties of stating the domain
including and and it still won't accept
the domain.

Does anyone have any idea how to get around this?  

Any insight or help would be appreciated!

Many Thanks

Re: SiteSearch registration

KateEdinburgh wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This works ok:
so try again
It should look something like this:
                  <td><input type="radio" name="sitesearch" value>
                  <font size="-1" color="#000000">Web</font> </td>
                  <input type="radio" name="sitesearch"
value="" checked="checked">
                  <font size="-1" color="#000000"></font> </td>
Best regards, Eric.

Re: SiteSearch registration

Thanks Eric for you advice. However, I'm still unsure what to do.  Yes
that code works to create some radio buttons for a search etc, but I
would like to be able to get into the section so I can customize what
the results would look like.  The only way I can see to do this is by
registering with 'Google's customizable Google Free web and site
search services.'

If anyone knows why this might be happening please can you write, and
also if it's happened to anyone else before.

Where you type in the domain, it still won't accept,
even though we must be in their index.

Very strange.

Many Thanks!

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