site suddenly dropped?

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One of my sites which has been top 3 at google
for a particular key phrase for the past 12 months
has suddenly been dropped.
It still appears in the top 10 for other phrases, and still
has a PR of 5.
Has been top 3 for Wheelchair Ramps for the last 12 months,
now disappeared, but still in top 5 for Ramps.
Any ideas?

Re: site suddenly dropped?

T.J. wrote:

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Yep, don't panic.
Sit back, relax and look again tomorrow and then next and then the next day
If problem still exists, panic

Re: site suddenly dropped?

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Google has completely redone their SERPS in the past two days.  Many think
it is still in transition. Looks to me very much like an update 6 months ago
that took nearly 2 months to be sorted out.

If you were planning on the Holiday season, you might want to panic now.

Else if you already have a multi-faceted business model, give more attention
to the non-SEO/Google parts,

Else, sit back and enjoy the ride.

John Merrell
Gateway Farm Alpacas
Alpaca, a natural elegance...

Re: site suddenly dropped?

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 10:49:33 -0800, "Gateway Farm Alpacas"

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I'm happy to report either no change or small improvement for my main
sites main SERPs, though whenever there is a big move I tend to loose
about 10% of our traffic for a few days (put it down to temporarily
loosing very, very low traffic terms during the update).

My newest site (one in the sig) has made some major gains, so I don't
think there's any old data in there since the oldest page is from June
this year and the newest (that's indexed) about a month old.

Here's my latest SEO related SERPs, lots are related to very recent

Just noticed on one of my main SERPs (Lingerie) two of the spammer
sites are gone. My sites gone from 16 to 12 last week or so, so could
be Google getting better at spotting spam sites at last.

Alternatively since these two sites got their high placing through
blog comment spam it could be the normal archiving procedure that's
reduced their relevance. Another possibility is Google has reduced the
effect of PR/anchor text on a pages SERPs.

Will need to do some research to get a better idea.

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If things do go bad we have contingency plans, though it does cost
money and I don't like spending money. I'll have to send Google a
Christmas card this year to say thanks for all the visitors :-))

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Search Engine Placement Tips (updated 16/11/2003) /

Re: site suddenly dropped?

same thing happened here last night (saturday)...
kinda odd... it almost looks like google went back to an older set of data
(at least on some sites)...

we had which then we told dmoz that the new domain was google changed to a few months) and
stayed for several months and just last night it went back to as
if never existed... very odd i think

all the sites that climbed in the last 2-3 months (but not earlier) dropped
the most...

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Re: site suddenly dropped?

I have the same problem as you guys do since yesterday with my sites. I
even emailed a few places at google figuring it wouldn't help and they'd
never read it but I feel better now :)

But I think I may have a theory about what's happening, see if this
makes any sens e to any of you;

This past month google got rid of the -sj database and added 3 new
databases -gv, -kr, and -mc. -mc seems to me to be an important one
dealing with spam and quicker updates from observing it. So far none of
the 3 have been able to deal with spam. I think maybe what google might
be doing now is feeding all the url information for thepast year or so
into those 3 databases or all of their databases for the purpose of
those 3 catching up. Perhaps they will be able to deal with the spam and
quicker updates better when they have all the information the other
databases have? It's just a dumb theory and it makes me feel better to
think this could be it. Other than that if that's not it and things
don't change back then we're all hosed I guess.

Re: site suddenly dropped?

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To me, it looks like UK sites are being hit sites are looking very rare
are google trying to push people into searching using and
viewing "pages from the UK" only?
The strange thing is, my site is still appearing top 5 for the more competitive
keyword -Ramps- with 820,000 pages but nowhere for -wheelchair ramps-
with only 90,000.
Also my visitors don't seem to have dropped of at all, but more phrases are
apparently being searched for.
Probably disgruntled UK searchers who can't find any relevant info when
using an initial key word or phrase, and then adding to it.
There is going to be a lot of unhappy UK searchers if Google carries on
like this.

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