Site statistics in detail?

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I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to get more detailed information
about my visitors than I am currently getting.

I want to be able to see which company visited my site, from which
city/country, at what time (down to minutes), how did they arrive there
(refered from which site), what key words did they use, which pages did they

Today my ISP provides me with decent amount of info (and lots more than
this) but it is not specific enough. I can't see who did what and when and
from where, only a lot of monthly numbers, which are of some use, but I need
more than that...

Anyone know of a site stat tool that provides the info I outlined above?

Please excuse me if this is not the right NG for this question, I just
couldn't find a better suited group.

Re: Site statistics in detail?

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The first thing for you to do is make arrangements to get hold of the raw
text log files.  My server closes the active file every midnight and starts
a new one.  I can ftp download anytime however and read using wordpad.  It
makes interesting nerdish viewing, every few hours, if you are that way
inclined.  The main value is a confidence check that all is OK; it is also
good for spotting new incoming links or sudden interest in particular pages.
Once you have a log file you can use a spreadsheet or run programs to
analyse the text.  Some will do reverse IP lookup for every IP address to
get the originating name but this takes many many hours and may not please
the IP lookup server.
Best regards, Eric.

Re: Site statistics in detail?

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This is exactly what I'm looking for. Connecting the IP address to a company
name... Is there a way to get this information?

If I type the IP address I see in my logs I very seldom reach anyone.

Re: Site statistics in detail?

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As I stated earlier, web site log analyses software will perform this
reverse DNS task for you, and it does not take as long as Eric suggests. But
be aware, that most results will not give you the company name that you are
looking for. Usually you will only get their ISP. For example, here is the
result for a IP address from the logs of a site I administrate: The most this result tells me is that the
site visitor uses Voyager as their ISP and they are connected through
Voyager's node in Midland, MI. However, many corporate networks can also be
resolved from the IP address, such as this result:
This result tells me that the visitor connected to the internet through a
local business network, Denso Manufacturing Michigan, had visited the site.
I know this about these two visitor's IP address resolves by doing domain
name lookups and after a while I can recognize the domain names and
interpolate the complete result.

Also, keep in mind, that some IP addresses are unresolveable and will show
up in the analyses report as just the IP address. But if I see an IP address
that has been through an unusually large number of  pages or has made an
unusually number of visits, I usually can get more information by inputting
the address in NeoTrace Express. This software was once produced by Neoworx
and is no longer available since McAfee purchased the company. Perhaps
someone knows of some similar software. But if I do a trace of an address
such as, the trace will show me:

Merit Network Inc. MICH-42 (NET-198-108-0-0-1)
Calhoun ISD MICH-812 (NET-198-108-176-0-1)

This tells me that the visitor visited the site on a computer at the Calhoun
Intermediate School District and the district is connected to the Internet
through Merit Network.

I analyze the logs monthly and upload the reports to the site's hosting
server for the client to review. If you would like to review these logs so
you can see if this is the kind of report you are looking for, I will share
the URL with you, . The
information I have provided in this post can be seen by clicking on the "Top
Visitor Site" link on the right site of the page. You'll notice that a large
volume of the traffic to this site is from search engine bots indexing the

I believe in order to get more detailed information about your visitors may
entail the use of cookies on your pages and will raise some privacy issues.

I hope this information is some assistance to you.

Re: Site statistics in detail?

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As mentioned in an earlier reply, you will need access to the server logs.
Most hosting services provide this. Next you'll need "web site log analyses
software", do a search using this quoted phrase. When I did my research on
software solutions, I found tons. For most, you can install them on the
server and get reports through a web interface. But they usually use quite a
bit of server resources and can eat up your bandwidth if you already have
heavy traffic. Also, your web hosting service will have to allow you to
install the software on their machine. Most will also let you set them up on
your desktop machine and can run them locally. However, I recommend your
local connection be broadband, or you may wait forever for your initial
analyses to be completed as there will be many reverse DNS lookups.

Once you have it installed on your local machine, there are two ways you can
set them up to access your log files and analyze them. They can be set up to
access the logs on the server via ftp, or you can download the files from
your server with a separate ftp client and tell the analyses software to
access them from that directly. I prefer the later because the former
requires the software to uncompress the log files and extract the text lines
and perform the reverse DNS all through the internet. I have found that this
takes much longer to perform than downloading the logs myself. But be
prepared to have large quantities of hard drive taken up by these logs as
they can be very large, even though they are compressed. The resulting
reports can be very large, as well. It all depends on how much traffic your
site(s) have.

There is a wide range of software available out there with a wide range of
capabilities and prices. The higher the capabilities, the higher the price.
Most are able to analyze several sites over different hosts and the license
price will vary on the number sites you wish to analyze.

I use Wusage 8.0, but it does not provide the detail that you require. I
have a single site license and cost me only $25 US. It fulfill the needs I
have and is also available in multiple site licenses. But I can reconfigure
it for different sites and run single analyses for each site. It is quite
simple to use and understand the reports it generates.

There are many out there that will fit your requirements, but be prepared to
spend much more money for them.

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