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Site optimization critique:

I would be grateful if someone could take a look at these pages and
give clear objective feedback on them.   I worked very hard to create
the software (my product) and I think I am lacking in the site design
and more important optimization.

*I have a 6 month old language learning site.

*It is not in the top 1000 after many attempts to optimizes, except
for an odd week in was on the first page Google.

Keywords as ‘learn French' ‘learn Italian' ‘learn polish' ‘learn

I suspect, iframes, flash might be holding the site back.

Therefore, I added a lot of alt text to try to get better rank; also,
IE on some security, will give a scary active x warning for flash etc.
So I was told alt text is good.

However, Google could see this index page as spamy, as I used repeated
keywords (in a table on cites of Europe, that does not appear in my
real text)  in the alt text to try to get some rank.

I have a pr4.

*I have sub pages that rank high on msn and yahoo but not again on

However, all the inbound links point to my home page. The little "..."
are alt images, at the top

These site are really plain, because I want at least something plain
incase iframe/flash are holding me back.

could iframes/flash on my main page be hurting these?

If google sees my index as spammy does it hurt these pages?

*I also am creating a free educational page that I will submit to Dmoz

A concern on this page is I will have 1000s of foreign words and will
this throw off the keyword percentages for my whole site? Or does
google see each page separate?

A competitor site that ranks high seems to use a technique that is
every keyword is a link to the same page.

If the key words is  ‘Learn German' as you hover over it, it is a link
back to the same page.  This site ranks very high all over google.

If this a good technique?

Perhaps I should focus on individual language pages rather than my
main page?

Should I just focus on building links maybe?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Site optimization critique

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Just a couple of comments which aren't SEO related. The flash header is
annoying, and if you're selling software that teaches languages, the
appalling grammar on the first page isn't much of an advertisement...


Re: Site optimization critique

On 30 Dec 2004 04:09:58 -0800, wrote:

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<h2> is not a paragraph or two in size.

Also, on my side in IE I have all black scrollbars; if you are going
to color the scrollbars make it contrasting hues for ease of use on
the reader's side.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If I recall correctly, iFrames is not always properly handled by
spiders. Unsure about that as I generally have no need to use them

However I don't really see why the middle content needs to be an
iFrame to begin with.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I am seeing loads of <!--alt text--> for those who have "Active X
Disabled" thoughts ... LOTS more than what is presented to people who
do have Active X Enabled.

So seems to me that people will get more info by visiting the site
withOUT Active X and Flash enabled? Hmm... I just disabled all the
Active X functions [more than what is recommended on security sites]
and see NONE of the alt text - not even your message about how I
should enable Active X for the site to see it right ... just don't see
the Flash File.

The scary warning for IE is good; When I have a couple of the ActiveX
controls set to prompt - and I visit a plae [say like Yahoo] and it
asks me if I want to use ACtive X and I say No ... the page renders

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why do people go through so much more effort & energy for stuff they
want to hide ... and not apparently care as much about what they
actually present to folks' eyes?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If Google thinks your site is spammy and hiding content to trick their
spiders ... yep, it will hurt your site as they will penalize it ro
ban it.

Same goes for the other search engines, once you are 'caught', in how
they will handle it.


Re: Site optimization critique

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I fired it up on broadband and clicked away before it even loaded really. I
hate flash - I shouldn't have to wait for 'something to load' before I get
access to good content and information.

I hate flash, and I hate frames. They just make a page look amateur if they
are not done properly - I mean, who wants to see extra scrollbars on the
screen, window in window ?

Not too painful I hope, sorry.
I think there is a place for Macromedia Flash on kids sites \ fun sites, but
not for the majority of sites.
Besides - why should browsers have to rely on getting any flash plugins just
to see a site ?

All the Best,

Re: Site optimization critique

Number One:

I waited an unbelievably long time for your page to loa.d  I have a fast
dial up connection.

Most people will not wait as long as I did for a page to load.

The slide bar on the "method" page worked errratically.

It locked my browser and I had to crash out.

There is nothing on your page that justifies use of Flash.

I refused to download macromedia version 7 just to read an advertisement.

Please got to or any similar page to see
how quickly a page shouod and can be loaded.

(I have no association with the above page other than admiring the
techniques used)

I didn't get as far as any of the "individual language pages" mentioned
below.  Visiting your site was far too painful an experience.

Please ditch everything and start over.

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