site operator working again?

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Threaded View reports 997, which is
close to the ca. 1,000 pages I have.

I read somewhere "corrupted index", and I wonder if the recent spam attack
caused this index to get corrupted.

Anyway, Google fixed this one very fast IMO. Let's hope it's fixed good.

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Re: site operator working again?

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Looks like they have also found a lot of pages that went missing

Re: site operator working again?

__/ [ T.J. ] on Thursday 22 June 2006 23:53 \__

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I noticed the same thing. Oddly enough, pages that Google restored from the
'graveyard' have their page content appended to the title. Very, very
strange. It's like they did a lossy recovery.

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Re: site operator working again?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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No sign of recovery on my sites. But then, again, most my sites have
hyphen in the domain name and I can see how Google becomes paranoid about
spam and puts everyone that fits some stupid metric into one bin (trash) -
spammers or not - who at Google cares or has time to find out?

I've also seen weird titles. And you know what? I only see them when I add
"widgets" to my 'site:' searches  ;-)

Or, and another oddity: it looks like Google has a quota for number of
pages they allow indexed from one of my site. Here is how it works: a
500,000+ site has roughly about 700 pages indexed. Give or take 20 but
pretty stable since late March. Today I see 680 and some of three week old
pages just popped up. It means that some old ones had to fall off. Traffic
is actually down, so they must have chosen to drop my PR2-3-4 pages in
favor of brand new PR0 ones? Way to go, Google!

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Re: site operator working again?

John Bokma wrote:

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Mine went back up as well.


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