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I recently changed hosting companies and I read somewhere that Google didn't
like a site being hosted at two places at the same time, that this could
cause not getting indexed.  I also somehow had some meta crap in my code, it
got in there from using a template, which stated something like
meta="robots" NOINDEX.  The other day I read that this will keep the spiders
from listing one's site.  I've since taken this out.  How can I straighten
this mess out?  I don't want to keep submitting because I read that this
could be bad news.  Before moving it, at one time, my site had a third page
listing on Google.  Now it has no listing.


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Re: site not listed on google

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You would do much better with this:

<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">

in the <head> section of any page that you want indexed.

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Re: site not listed on google

On 4 May 2005 23:44:53 -0000, Anonymous

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No you wouldn't, it's useless. Spiders will go anywhere they're able
by default, you only waste space by telling them to do what they
naturally do anyway.

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Re: site not listed on google

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I have read several articles saying that the meta tags in general are no
good anymore.  I can't remember the name, but there is maybe one major SE
still identifying meta tags, according to various articles.  I found these
articles while doing a google search for 'meta tags', I believe.

Thanks for the help guys...

Re: site not listed on google

mrtarheel wrote:

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Not quite.  Google, Yahoo, and MSN put the meta description on the SERP
if it is available. You can't cheat and try to put keywords in the
description, though -- Google, for example, doesn't appear to index the


Re: site not listed on google

mrtarheel wrote:
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Duplicate content could cause a problem as hosting companies often leave
dead sites lying around but if you have a real domain name that points
to your actual content Google will sort it all out. Removing the noindex
stuff was a good move, if you have IBLs from sites in the Google index
Google (and other SEs) will find you and your site will get into the
index surprisingly quickly.

Google did recently find a very broad patent that hinted they may be
using a lot of age related information. If you have an existing domain
name then this shouldn't cause much in the way of problems but it may
cause issues for new domains (if indeed Google does any of the stuff
they talk about).


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Re: site not listed on google

davidof wrote:

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sorry I mean "file", doh!

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