Site-Flavored Google Search (beta)

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Site-Flavored Google Search (beta)

Want to offer your visitors search results that are tailored based on your
site? With a few easy steps, you can customize search results based on the
content of your website. Simply fill out a profile based on your site's
content, generate the search box HTML, and then paste this HTML into your
pages. Users who search from this search box will have the option to
"flavor" their results based on the profile you've created.

1. What is site-flavored Google search?

Site-flavored Google search uses a Google search box to deliver custom web
search results, based on a profile filled out by a site's webmaster. The
profile reflects the content of the website, and when the site-flavored
search box is placed within the pages of that site, users are able to view
search results that are "flavored" to be more relevant to them. To put a
site-flavored Google search box on your site, click the "Start here..."
link above.

2. That's pretty awesome. How does Google create customized search results?

Google has developed algorithms to determine which results are most likely
to be relevant to a user, based on a profile that user fills out about his
or her interests. Using a profile created by a site's webmaster on behalf
of the site's visitors, Google attempts to customize searches entered into
a site-flavored search box; pushing the most relevant results to the top
of the page.

3. Google works great as is. As a webmaster, why should I try
site-flavored Google search?

No two websites are alike, and Google's goal is to make search results as
relevant as possible. While standard Google results can be close most of
the time, we believe that customization can make them even better. We want
to save users from ever having to reformulate search terms to be more

4. What do the colored balls next to the site-flavored search results mean?

The balls indicate which results Google thought were more relevant to your
search, based on the profile that the webmaster filled out for his or her
site. You can turn off this customization by clicking the "Off" link under
the search box.

5. How can I find out what profile the webmaster filled out for his or her

Click the "Customized" link under the search box to see the categories the
webmaster included in a particular site's profile.

6. The customized results aren't as useful as the default ones. Why is that?

In most cases, changing the customization setting to adjust the ordering
of results has a positive effect on relevancy, because the changes are
based on the content of the site from which you did your search. Sometimes
it doesn't work that way. We're still ironing out the kinks in this beta
test product and encourage you to give us feedback.

7. What's required to use site-flavored Google search?

Your browser must be Internet Explorer 5 (or newer), Netscape 5 (or
newer), or Mozilla 1.4 (or newer). It's best to restrict your search to
English only for now, and to make sure your browser and computer languages
are also set for English. And you'll need to have Javascript enabled.


Re: Site-Flavored Google Search (beta)

I'm after something similar.  I want to put the equivalent of up to 6 Google
search boxes on a web page, each one preset to search in a different country
database.  You are allowed only 2 such boxes per page at the moment.
Alternatively it would be nice to have one search box with six radio buttons
to pre-click so visitors can indicate which specific country database they
want to select.  Alternatively two search boxes, each with 3 country
specific pre-select radio buttons would do fine also.
Best regards, Eric.

Re: Site-Flavored Google Search (beta)

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 14:50:09 +0000, Eric Johnston wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You should be able to code that up pretty quickly using the Customizable
Google Free Search as a guide.


If you don't connect this to AdSense's pay-for-search feature, I believe
you will be legally OK.

If you use AdSense's pay-for-search feature, their (ANNOYING) license
agreement doesn't allow you to customize the search to your requirements.


Re: Site-Flavored Google Search (beta)

Will Spencer wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not sure I am skilled enough to
customise as you say.

I asked Google and they replied saying "Unfortunately, at this time, we do
not offer the
ability to configure the search box to search from different countries."
They will no doubt take the idea into account for the future. ( I meant, and
I think they understood.....  to configure the search box to search directly
into one of several different country databases." )

I am presently using two search boxes on the page, preset for two countries
(India and Australia) and that works reasonably well.  Once the visitor is
through to say they have to click a second time on
"in India" and do the search again.  Also, I am still missing my other 4
countries (e.g Pakistan, Japan, China, Singapore).    I had all six search
boxes working for a few days till someone pointed out that 2 was the
maximum.  Anyway it would be much neater to have two search boxes, each with
3 radio buttons (like the 3 customisable sites idea) but designated for
direct searches into the actual country databases.

Best regards, Eric.

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