Site disappeared from Google! How long before I panic?

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Site was doing medium well.  Actually, not particularly well really, but
it's in a very competitive field (web design) and only about a month into
its life.

Today, while going to check how it was doing for various search terms, I
couldn't find it.  Then I tried entering in the title (Dreamberry, for which
I was #2) just to see if it was there at all and it didn't appear.  If I
enter the whole URL ( it does take me there though.

I'm guilty of two minor infractions - hiding an H1 element with CSS and
partially obscuring links in (links go "[Manchester Web Design] by
Dreamberry" where the bit in brackets is hidden).  There are established
companies far higher in the listings that have commited far greater sins and
I've now changed both of these naughties anyway.

I'm wondering how long I should leave it before I panic?  Someone said that
listings can just disappear and then come back again.

Another factor is that I had some downtime at the weekend.  If the crawler
was on its rounds at the time and my site was down, would that hurt it?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.


Re: Site disappeared from Google! How long before I panic?

Domain farm. is the problem, created on

Delete it, move the content into subdirectories of your main site,
verify the main site with Google Webmaster Tools and submit a
grovelling resonsideration request from the Webmaster Tools Dashboard.

(You're listed with 13 other domains.  Manual reconsideration will
lead to Google checking them _ALL_ and any interlinking could cause an

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