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Hi guys,
Can you please do a critique of this site please
(it's an adult lingerie & toy site).

It is in frames as that is the shop software we use (Erol).

The thing is we get a decent amount of visitors but virtually no sales - not
sure if this is down to the design, layout or what (design is not my choice

Any feedback on design, colours, layout, usability etc would be MOST

Blackdogsquare Studios

Re: Site check please

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Frames are poor, and therefore your tool is poor. You really don't want

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The frames are more than likely to defeat usability and depress the
effectiveness of the site. I strongly recommend a redesign eliminating the
frames. Look into PHP for including files in your HTML templates and CSS
for positioning.

Re: Site check please

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Where do you get the visitors?  Home page?  Are they going into the site, or
departing from your "entrance" page?  You say that the design is not your
choice, but what design is?  Maybe that's the answer.  It wouldn't hurt to
try.  If you have traffic and no sales then you have a marketing problem and
not a search engine problem.

Here are two (of many potential) marketing considerations - why would people
purchase from this site?  What is the advantage you offer?  Price?  If you
are not the lowest priced site, then reduce your prices to back up your
claim.  If you already are really the lowest price, then make some other
claim - something that generates sales since price can't be the main factor
if no one is buying and you are the lowest price. Oh BTW, you might as well
raise your prices if you find price isn't the main consideration!

The other point is what are you using to create urgency?  I didn't see
anything.  A combination of no urgency plus a claim of the lowest price is
an open invitation for visitors to your site to check out the competition.
You are sending them away!  It shouldn't be a surprise if they don't come
back, particularly if they find a lower price somewhere else.   You would
have lost credibility if they did.


Re: Site check please

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Sex shop....internet....urgency???  Hmmmm...

"Order today to be sure that your special something arrives in time for that
hot date this weekend..."

Nah, that doesn't work....

"Hey big boy, what do you have planned for tomorrow night.  We now offer
overnight shipping...."


"Don't wait to get your hands on this..."

I don't think so...

"Order today and we will include, absolutely free, our specially designed

Uh uh....

"All tied up this weekend?  If not, let us help..."

OK, I give up.  Do you have any ideas?

John Merrell
Gateway Farm Alpacas

Re: Site check please

Also the frames stop a buyer seeing the padlock symbol when you ask them  
to enter credit card details.


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