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Threaded View has opened their beta search engine for public
testing. They have a neat feature that gives you similar words (limited
as still beta) that you can select to add to your next search (almost
like an extra brain/mind giving you ideas of what to look for next).

I can see good things to come with this beta search engine (they are
setting up tools like the other big boys, like PPC, banners, etc), they
are really too new and fresh to be ranked yet as a major search engine.
How knows, Google started this same way... realizes they are not yet giving good search results
(limited database due to limited hardware), so they have created the
best toolbar I have ever seen on that
searches hundreds of search engines (many other free features too),
guaranteeing that I found data on any subject imanginable.

Didn't much like the layout but is working on new design
layouts such as that shows much
improvement. Still not sure about the color scheme, but I guess it is
hard to make me happy...

Re:'s New Search Engine

On 16 Mar 2005 12:42:24 -0800,

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You know it comes across as very desperate when you advertise your
product and pretend to be a user who just so happened to run across
it. You've never posted to this group before, so why would you post
today for the first time like this? You must think we were born

If you are going to announce your new site, just do it and stop
embarrassing yourself!


Re:'s New Search Engine

Wow, geeze, sorry you don't like me... Feelings are mutual!

Re:'s New Search Engine

Actually BIG MOUTH, my niece wrote it for me and my family thought it
was very sweet that I used her write up (encouraging her carrer in
writting, she's in high school now). I sure hope she doesn't see this
and dedcide to quit be a writter. THANKS, now she will want to work at
WALMART with no hopes or dreams!

Always one person trying to ruin it for everyone else, eh... TYPICAL!

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