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Has any one else noticed that sometimes google marks as bold the
singular when searched and sometimes not?

eg horse for sale some listings show up horses (in bold) and vice


Re: singular or plural..

yes, see my thread-

Liraries and Library the same in Google allinanchor search!!

Note the typo (doh!).

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On 29 Nov 2003 10:43:55 -0800, (Rosalyn)

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Re: singular or plural..

SEO Dave wrote:
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   This is poorly implemented on Google, but YES some of us in the know
have spotted it. Google on their site mention they now use stemming; a
change from the past. However, at the moment it is very limited.

Re: singular or plural..

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mmm just as Yahoo have done...

Re: singular or plural..

rfgdxm/Robert F. Golaszewski wrote:
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Well, their own example "pet lemur dietary needs" returns just one page,
namely the one where they give the example. And guess what... "pet lemur
diet needs" isn't highlighted!

Searching without the quotes gets their page first on the list, but
again: within the quote "pet lemur diet needs" everything is
highlighted, but the word "diet"...

Am I missing something here?

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