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I can't figure out what I've done here, but on a new website, when I open
the root page, it downloads it instead of opening in the browser window.

At the time I was trying to set an alternative 404 page up.

Any ideas ?

Re: Silly mistake

Rich wrote:

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[1] Be more specific.  What browser?  What URL?  What OS?

[2] Learn how to make backups and prcatice a few restores.  
    that way when something like this happens you can
    restore to a previous known good state.

[3] Figure out the right place to ask questions.  The above
    has nothing to do with search engines.

Guy Macon

Re: Silly mistake

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Rich"

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It could be your browser.  If the content type is served as
application/xhtml+xml and you are using IE, then this will happen as IE
does not recognize application/xhtml+xml, only text/html.

A URL would be very helpful.

Adrienne Boswell at Home
Arbpen Web Site Design Services
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Re: Silly mistake

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Guy, Adrienne,

It turned out to be a problem with my local Google Chrome. Deleting history
cured it.

Guy, I take your point but asked here as I was in the middle of SEO activity
when it went belly up, and if past experience is anything to go by on
usenet, the likely answer would be here.


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