Shumbi Discover is a next generation research tool using deep-web discovery, visual searc...

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According to Gartner, the average person spends 11 minutes searching
on the web when carrying out some form of research, and over 50% give
up because they can=92t find what they are looking for.
Shumbi Discover on the other hand, using very clever aggregation and
clustering technology, can intelligently group web pages on-the-fly
fully automatically, based solely on their content. No learning,
semantic knowledge bases or word nets are required.

Once you have used Shumbi Discover to find those elusive web pages
from a myriad of online sources, you can annotate the results with
either pen or touch and then share these results with your friends.

The novel technology and stunning user interface of Shumbi Discover
has also been combined with our patented multi-touch gesture
recognition software. The ability to recognize a number of intuitive
multi-touch gestures such as pinch and flick, makes Shumbi Discover an
excellent complement to a Microsoft Windows 7 PC.

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Also if you buy a Wacom pen or pen & touch tablet within EMEA you get
a copy of Shumbi Discover (branded Bamboo Explore) bundled free.

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