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re: Should I keep older site?

I posted the message below on an older site, and I received only one
reply.  While I appreciate the reply, I was hoping to hear some more
thoughts n keeping or not an older site.

I should add that the older site deals with a topic related to two of
my current sites.  So I would think, based on what I ahve read in this
newsgroup, that lots of links on the older site would be worthwhile.
Specifically if the older site points to different pages and the links
on the older site are related to the subject matter of the page on the
older site, it would seem to help.  Again this is based on what I have
read  or at least surmised from postings on this site.

Any comments on the original posting below would be appreciated.

Original Post -----

I just discovered that two sites I have, but have not been updating,
are still out there and are cached by google.  One has about 80 pages,
most of which are pr2 and some are pr 3.  The other has about 400
pages, most of which are pr3 and some are pr4.  

All of my newer sites are at pr2 or less.

The costs of keeping the older sites, both domain registration and
wweb hosts, are minimal.  So money is not the issue.

The real costs in keeping them up would be my time to update them and
bring them into the 21st century.

So should I keep them?  Would having them help in terms of getting my
other more current sites better ratings in Google?

I figure it will take me about 3 to 4 days per site to clean them up
some and add tons of links to my newer sites.  Plus I probably should
spend a little time getting the older sites new reciprocal links.

I would appreciate hearing everyone's thoughts on whether I should
keep them or not.

And if anyone thinks I should keep the older sites, what should I do
with them to have them help get my newer sites better ratings?


Best regards,


Re: Should I keep older site - redux

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I would keep them, but not just use them as a link farm for the other site
I would use them exactly the same as if they were internal pages on the
new site.
Not with Duplicate content, but with genuine content, related
to, but not exactly the same as, the content on your new sites.

Re: Should I keep older site - redux


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Keep them and do the necessary to bring them up to speed. You'll get
responses faster that way from Google than if you tried building new
sites with the same content.


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