shopping cart optimization questions

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I'm about to get started with my first foray into shopping cart
technology. I have a hunch I'll start with Zen Cart and hack it
as needed.

I have some ideas about improving the administration front end.
I also want to optimize search engine results.

Here's what I mean: If I search on specific brand items,
like specific sailboat riggings or fishing rods (just as examples)
does a good job of finding what I (as a hypothetical shopper)
am looking for. When I examine the results, Froogle does
index what look like dynamically generated shopping cart
pages.  But what look static product pages seem to more
commonly bubble up to the top of the search list.

For instance,  it seems to me, over the long run, at Froogle,
I'm more likely to see a directory-like link such as:

before a dynamic link such as:

So, two questions:

Am I imagining this? Or does Froogle really score static-looking links
better than
dynamic-looking links?

Does mod_rewrite accomplish the same thing? If the end point,
leaf-level product
description pages really are dynamically generated, but mod_rewrite
makes the
links look like a static link, does that work just as well.

If the answer to question 2 is true (static-looking links tend to
bubble up higher on
Google searches), then the shopping cart designer has to decide:
do I write out static html for leaf-level product description pages,
and make those
pages findable by static site map as well as dynamic query form,
or to I make everything dynamic, and use mod_rewrite tricks to
masquerade those
pages as static.

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