Severing Domain Name Ties & Removing Domain From Yahoo

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We realize that having a domain name that points to a separate site
(unable to do 301 here) can be very bad news, and we're doing away
with this.

Our "Megan Leitch Fansite" for example: redirected to

We changed the "" name so that it no longer points
to anywhere except a WizzSite (on the same server as the domain name)
where people can ONLY copy & paste the long URL of the real site (the
.Mac HomePage) into their browsers if they know only the name. In
other words, NO hyperlinks, NO rediretcs. People who knew the site
only by the ".com" name can still find it but are not redirected

Unfortunately the domain names are still indexed. Until recently this
wasn't a problem. At Yahoo if you did an exact-phrase search "megan
leitch" our Homepage came up independent of the domain name, which was
totally fine with us, and it was ranked very high. But recently the
Homepage disappeared completely from Yahoo's index, I assume maybe
because Yahoo will eventually choose between a domain name and the
actual site and index only one of them. This is fair of course, but
bad news for us because the domain name "" is
virtually void of content execpt for the title and a few keywords.

The Megan Leitch Fansite (the actual .Mac "Homepage") is cool for us
in terms of content and will probably rank well again if we can get it
back in the index.

Do we need to try to remove the domain name from the index, or is the
fact that we've severed all ties between the domain name and the
actual site enough? Should we resubmit the severed domain name now
that it does NOT link to the site?

We would like to keep the domain name and the WizzSite page just so
people who knew the real site by this domain name will still be able
to copy and paste the real site URL in a year or whenever.

Any suggestions or comments?
Jackie R. Brooks,
Site-Screwer-Upper Extraordinaire :oP

Re: Severing Domain Name Ties & Removing Domain From Yahoo

Instead of going to all that trouble,  why don't you just keep your domain
names, ditch the free hosting, and get a real hosting account for
them? It doesn't have to be expensive. A reseller acct. might be just the
thing (you don't have to sell any hosting accts - you can use them all for
yourself - but you can host multiple domains on one account).

There are a lot of hosts that offer reseller accounts, but we've used - and
been very happy with - Orange Coast Virtual which has plans starting at just

cheers ~

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Re: Severing Domain Name Ties & Removing Domain From Yahoo

We're looking into this for next year. I'm just trying to figure out
what's going on right now, as in today and this month, and it just got
more complicated because I went to Yahoo again and all our sites are
listed and ranked well today for some reason. Go figure. So anyway I
temporarily reattached the domain names, for now. We'll see.

I'd still like to know what I need to do if we have this problem
again, just for the time being, no matter what happens come January

When things are going okay, like they are today, we really don't have
any complaints. We're just worried that we could go to the trouble of
hosting sites somewhere else and we might not move up in rank that
much at all, and all of it would be for nothing. One whole GB for
hardly any money is a pretty good deal, besides all the other benefits
(two-click pages, etc.), and we don't know for sure if we want to risk
losing this good set up when we don't even really know for sure it
would do that much good to change. Our main problem to overcome is
links. Few people with sites related to ours ever e-mail us back. I
don't think it's a dead end situation (we're being patient) but now we
may be in good a shape as ever, now that our sites are back in Yahoo.

Jackie R. Brooks

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