SERPS Drop but not restored

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I thought I'd try and change my index page to cut down on the word count a
bit to see if it helped by Google serps. The obvious happened it dropped 4
or more places for my main search phrase - damn I thought never mind I'll
just put my old page back and all will be well. Problem is it made no
difference whatsoever - it still stayed dropped 4 or more places (in the
exact same place in fact).

This does not seem to be explained by movement in the sites above me as no
changes occurred in their cache date. So how do you explain this? Surely the
CONTENTS of the page must count somehow!

Re: SERPS Drop but not restored

On Wed, 19 May 2004 08:28:34 +0100, John Dingley wrote:

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Depending on your exact details, neither of these may relate to you:

1. Google has been *really* slow on updates for about the last month. It
may be that your latest page changes just haven't taken affect yet.  Even
if your pages are in Google's cache, it does not necessarily mean that the
indexing part of Google has processed them.

2. On-page optimization has less-and-less effect as the search terms
become more-and-more competitive.


Re: SERPS Drop but not restored

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I think your no 2 is probably the reason as it seems to fit with the
observable results.

I was at #1 page 1 for a about a week a month ago since then I seem to have
slipped to about #6 and after my index change I am currently clinging on to
page 1 at #10 restoration of the old page had no effect as i said.

It seems that google is almost implementing an instant penalty for page
changes until some other factor may come later and remove that penalty.

Another interesting observation is that on Yahoo the change I made was
cached and had NO EFFECT. The change back reveals different caches for
different searches on yahoo some have the old page cached and other the new
one. Didn't know yahoo had different caches.

Re: SERPS Drop but not restored


Sorry I meant your no 1 was the reson not 2

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