SERPs constantly changing

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Is anyone else noticing their SERPs fluctuating? I am seeing quite a lot
of movement in my SERP over the last couple of months or so. Today my
site has dropped from 3rd to 5th and (hopefully) within a couple of days
it will be back to 3 again. The overall trend for my site is down
however and not up.

I am seeing other sites in the same SERP going from page 1 to page 2
also but it's been quite stable all over the holidays.

Is anyone el;se seeing this? I ask as some of my other SERPs are much
more stable. It seems that the more competitive the SERP the less stable
it is.


Re: SERPs constantly changing

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Starting to see some forum posts about big changes
on the way, some saying haven't seen movement like
this for 12 months plus.

Something I've noticed recently is an increasing amount
of non UK results when using
I know this has been happening for a few months, but just
lately it seems to be happening more and more.

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