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In a search term I am aiming for google changed the serps from 3 million on
Wednesday, to 8 million on Thursday to 21 million today.

My listing went down, then down, then down.

Is google changing the goal posts? Something big happening?


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This seems to be happening a lot lately on the SERPs I follow on a
regular basis, sometimes even between searches done with just
minutes/seconds between the number of pages fluctuates significantly,
though not as much as 3 to 21 million!

On the SERPs I follow there tends to be a number they are mostly found
at, my guess would be for your SERP around 8 million.

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That's what happens when 5 and then 13 million extra pages enter the
database all at once!

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It's been like this quite a while (maybe 2 months plus). It was much
easier when we had the monthly dance, it's really frustrating waiting
for a SERP to move and not to be sure if Googles done it's thing or
not :-(

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Indications are that Google is shifting a lot of information between
the data centers at the moment. They're up to something, so I wouldn't
worry about the results count.
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