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Hi all,

i know this might seem like a little bit of a blackhat type thing, but,
i am a bit curious about this.
I was thinking about these reciprical links. What if i setup a new
domain and hosted all my outgoing links on that site (which would look
very much like my main sight). So, from my main sight i would have a
link going out to this "link domain". Would this benifit my PR of the
main website as a whole?



Re: seperate links domain

Woolgatherer wrote:
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the answer is "no" because that would mean cloaking and SEs might just
move your site down their index! BTW, if you are turning towards SEO, PR
is not the only thing you should concentrate on.
Cheers ;-)

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Re: seperate links domain

Actually, i'm not sure i'm cloacking. (not that i'm doing this trick)
What i mean is a setup as follows: (main site) (link farm-type thing)

so, i would remove the Links page on my site and host that
page on Then from i would change my "Links"
button to point to
This isn't really cloacking is it?? I'm not hiding anything....

Re: seperate links domain

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No, you are just wantint to set up a mirrored duplicate domain and still can
get penalized.

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So, you don't want to help out the folks that are helping you huh? I would
say when they find out you will end up with nothing when they remove you!


Re: seperate links domain

Stacey wrote:
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I think that I had a different understanding of what the OP is
suggesting than you did, Stacey.

It seems to me like he currently has and
wants to move that page to then change all links that
used to point to linkspage.html so that they now point to

There would be one fewer page on the old site and a new site that is
only one page.  That doesn't seem to duplicate or mirror anything.

I can't see that it would create any problems.  It doesn't seem like
cloaking to me, it just seems like a way to hoard PR at the expense of
the people that thought they were in a reciprocal arrangement.


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