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I made a SEO-tool site at and would like some
feedback & suggestions!

Thanks, Dirk

Re: SEO tools

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Hi Dirk,

I find that all you little areas are very hard to read and it is a pain to
scroll and read more. It just seems like to much going on all at once.:-)

I used the link checker and it was wrong on one for my PayPal icon. It works
fine. It read like this NOT OK.

Your SE ranking predictor I would say it is a keyword analyzer.

Your free SEO Optimizer puts a link back to your index page if someone used
your *Html Tidy* cleaned page. Not really good as far as you never asked nor
said it would happen. Some people who aren't aware of this wouldn't really
check it through and notice it. Especially since it is light grey. Can be
hard to see on white.

That was all I checked.


Re: SEO tools

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Forgot, I was going to tell you that you don't need the free submission
link. All a site needs is links from established pages in a SE. The bots
will pick up the site when it crawls the established pages.


Re: SEO tools

Right off the bat the page is not centered in my viewport.  Kind of
irritating for it to be off screen right.


Stacey wrote:
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Chip Off the O'l Proc
Thats 'cessor not 'tology

Re: SEO tools

On 25 Apr 2005 wrote in

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Text way to small and when I enlarge it in Firefox all your little boxes get
both vertical & horizontal scroll bars leaving little room for the text.
Otherwise nice of tools.


Re: SEO tools

Thank you for the useful comments. I designed the site so that the content
is placed around the Google ads.
For those who like to know, it has the lowest click through rate of my 15
sites by far, so this design style is not the best to pick for sites that
purely depend on ads revenue.


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