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My main goal was to find link generation and/or management software, here is
what I found..

I have downloaded the demos for SEO Elite and Arelis and found the features
of both programs to be very similar. The major differences to me were:

1. SEO Elite Clearly shows the PageRank of competitors and link partners
pages. Very useful.

2. Arelis Can build a link directory that can be easily dropped into your
existing site, making link management very easy. (I haven't tested this)

Other than this, the feature list looked quite similar. I though the GUI of
SEO Elite was superb, a complete no brainer. Call me old fashioned but I
believe that if you need to refer to a help file to use a feature that you
bought the product for, then the GUI aint no good!

I have read a little on the following but have no practical experience:

IBP - Just a glorified submission tool I thought.

Optilink - Looks very good but I was a little unnerved by the installation
instructions page ( ) Call me
lazy but I just want a big red button that says "Download demo" on it. I
will have a closer look at this app soon.

I have looked at several other SEO link building/management utilities, but
nothing really blew me away. Can anyone provide some insight and opinions on
these type of tools that will help me decide which to buy?



Re: SEO Software utilities

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They are releasing a new version any day. I only use it for rank
checking and it does do a very professional report you can export to
pdf with it.

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Re: SEO Software utilities

Paul H wrote:

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 Point taken, but if you don't read the excellent help file that Arelis
provides, you are missing some excellent information - not on how to use the
program - but how to improve your results.

 I'm starting to sound like an Arelis affiliate. Just for the record, I'm not.
Don't know the folks - have nothing to do with them. I just think it is a very
well laid out program.

Brad Blanchard
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Re: SEO Software utilities

Paul H wrote:
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Hi Paul,

I use Arelis - though am not affiliated - and am quite pleased with it.
There are a couple of things I find particularly excellent. You can
import all links off a competitors page or a DMOZ page. It doesn't
duplicate entries unless you want it to.

It can be a bit of work getting the templates to look how you would like
them to - but once done, very easy to tweak and to copy to another project.

It's desktop based so no tricky installations to go through. You can
download a trial version to see if you can get on with it and i would
say do that before committing to it as it's quite expensive.

Hope this helps you to make a decision!

Good luck!


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