SEO - Rewards?

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After spending a few hours spread over a week or so, my site for a major two
word search has gone from #9 to #6 on google (not including paid for

My question is: are there any figures that give user activity when presented
with a search page. I assume its fairly safe to say that most will click on
the first if it looks like something they searched for.

So what I would like to know is say in 100 searches for that key two word
search how many more people are likely to visit my site because I've move up
in the list 3 places. - bearing in mind also that both situations put me on
the first page anyway.

Re: SEO - Rewards?

This could also have significant bearing on SEO for a site in as much that
it may be more advatageous to get #1 on Hotbot and # 120 on google than it
is to get #20 on Hotbot and #20 on google.

Err... my head spins..

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Re: SEO - Rewards?

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My opinion is that once you are in the top 10 and on the first page of the
output results,  the main factor in being picked by the searcher is not so
much the position 1 to 10, but rather the human interpreted promise of the
title wording.    Try to make the title phrase appeal to the human reader by
showing that the page will answer their search requiremment.
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