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I have a website that has some "sub" sites below it in
subdirectories - in other words, the index page points to other index pages
in sub directories. Assuming that these sub pages have all the stuff that
search engines look for, does it make any difference to the search engines
if the page is a "sub" page or the main page of a url?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Gallaudet

Re: SEO Question?

Tom Gallaudet wrote:
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It only makes a difference if you start going below 2 or 3 sub folders.

Google loves: root/folder1/

Google doesn't like: root/folder1/folder2/folder3/folder/

Just try and keeping everything as close to root as you can and you'll
be fine.


Simon Day
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Re: SEO Question?

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That's not true, it just so happens pages closer to root rank well
because they have more links to them.

This page does well for phrases related to search engine optimization

And this one for SEO related phrases-

Whilst this page doesn't (the first page ranks better for the phrase
it is targeting)- /

Difference between the pages is links, the first two have way more
links than the latter. This is the opposite of what you see with most
sites since most sites have the main pages closer to the root.

This is why it looks like google gives pages closer to root a boost,
when to Google all pages are equal.

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