SEO qn, regarding differing backlinks to my site

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I'm a small retail business. For some years, I have been using two
different domain URLs, both pointing to my site's index.html page. In
the past, I have often submitted each of the two URLs to the various
search engines.

I have also used each of the URLs when asking other site owners to
include a link to my site. Some backlinks therefore use URL#1 and
others use URL#2.

Now I am thinking of using a new domain name altogether (one that I
think will give me a better SE ranking, and more descriptive of the
product I deal in). In the URL I have used the pruduct name plus a
hyphen, plus a two-letter word (my initials). If I do this, I'm
guessing I should make the new URL my main one - again, pointing to my
site's index.html page.

Is it advisable (from the SEO viewpoint) to email all the site owners
who maintain links to my site, asking them to change the URL to the
new one? In most cases, the actual URL is not visible to the viewing
public, of course; they only see the site description. What I'm really
concerned about is SE ranking methodology: whether they rate an
instance each of links expressed as URL1, URL2, and URL3 as  the same
as three instances of links all expressed as URL1.

Thank you,


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